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Thread: My letter to the Governor

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    Quote Originally Posted by IOC View Post
    We have Open Carry without a license in Idaho, you should consider moving here if they don't change the laws there.
    Swift Boats, 67/68
    Idaho... That's in Montana right?
    The other way to look at it, is I am willing to stay here and work to make another piece of our country better.

  3. I moved to Idaho from Washington DC 3 years ago and found that they didn't have a statewide gun organization and discovered counties and cities were making their own laws illegally. We changed that. Hopefully you have a statewide gun organization to deal with your state legislators. You are to be commended for taking them on.

    Tony Snesko
    Swift Boats, 67/68

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    Governor Nikki Haley is awesome. She is a pro gun Republican who is attracting many of the manufacturers who felt betrayed by their home State to her great State! She once posted some pics of her visit to FNH USA shooting some of their civilian weapons. Please post her response. I am sure she or someone in her office will reply.

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