easiest compact handgun to openly carry?
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Thread: easiest compact handgun to openly carry?

  1. easiest compact handgun to openly carry?

    I now have a hi-point .380 but its so bulky. I am a 24 year old female with younger kids and would like something more compact/smaller. any suggestions?

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    You might want to look at the Taurus PT 709 Slim. It's a small 9mm. It holds 7 rds plus 1 in the chamber. Only about an inch wide and 19 ounces. I have a PT740 Slim in .40 S&W. It's a great carry gun and only about $300 NEW.

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    Sounds like you may want a subcompact, not a compact. If this is correct, take a look at the Kahr PM9 or MK9. There are a bunch of decent candidates in this category. Go to a major gun show to see how they feel in your hand then once you have narrowed down your list, try to rent them at a range.
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  5. s&w bodyguard, ruger lcp/lc9, keltec, as for revolvers: s&w 60, 36, [etc], ruger lcr, charter arms.

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    Just jabbing you a bit...Don't buy hi-point. They just cost and get in the way of the weapon you want. I carry a sig 239. 8+1. It's small-ish. What others have posted so far is all good stuff. Comes down to personal preference at this point. Size, S/A, D/A, DAO...metal /polymer frame...striker fire/hammer fire...That's the stuff only you can answer. In full disclosure, my sig doesn't feed well on Federal Hydra Shok and nothing Hornady makes. WWB range ammo is pretty good, Federal Classic and Speer Gold Dot feed very well, never a problem. Anyway, I'm sure you'll find the answers here, I sure did. I don't post much but I read here a lot.

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    The LCP and 380 Keltec do not have a manual safety.
    The LC9 has a manual safety is dao. The Slim 709 has manual safety, it's SA.
    With small kids around dao and manual safety adds a little extra security just in case.

    Hipoints are good plinkers for the price. They have a major problem if you need to remove a live round from the chamber. The gun uses the firing pin for it's ejection pin and could fire the round when it is half ejected.

    Bottom line: Research the weapons and consider all possibilities and get what is safest and best for you.
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    in .380, ask around at dealers to find out when the new Beretta Pico-380 is coming out....it claims to be the smallest and thinnest ever made...and looks good too...


    I carry a Kahr cm9....but if you're already happy with .380, the Beretta Pico-380 looks like a nice option...if you don't wAnt to wait for one to show up, you could look at the Kahr p380 which is very thin and extremely reliable....

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    Good luck with your choice...

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    Ruger LC380.

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    I would suggest a Ruger LC series, S&W Shield or Sig 238 or 938. The Sig 239 is awesome but a bit heavier than the rest.

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