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    bo_leggs, Zombie Max and Critical Defense are one in the same except the change of color from Red to Zombie Green of the tip cap. Make it more appealing to the Zombie Preppers and my 16 year old...
    I know that the polymer tips are different colors, but from the photos of expanded bullets I have seen, the Zombie Max looks like it might have a bit better expansion.
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    Colt Delta Elite 10mm: Anything from Double Tap, Underwood or Buffalo Bore 165-200 gr. Winchester Super X Silvertip 175 gr is good too. I have not tried but want to---Hornady Critical defense 165 gr. Anything else is usually rather anemic like the 40 short and weak.

    Springfield XD and XDS 45 ACP: Hornady Critical Duty 220 gr flex tip, Winchester Ranger-T (comparable to PDX1), Again DT and Underwood 185 - 230 gr, Buffalo Bore 185 -230 gr, Remington Golden Sabre 185 and 230 gr std and +p.

    Ruger SP101 357 Mag: Pretty much the same stuff as above.
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