What's your favorite carry ammo
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Thread: What's your favorite carry ammo

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    What's your favorite carry ammo

    I use Federal HST LEO 147g 9mm +P, Hornady Critical Duty 135g 9 mm +P,
    Golden Sabre LEO Bonded 147g +P in my 9mm carry guns. I find that the heavier bullets tend to give more control of muzzel flip than lighter bullets. And the added mass translates into more knock down power.


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    I use either Hornady Critical Defense or Barnes Tac-X defensive ammo in the Bersa Thunder .380 that I carry. If I carry my Thunder .32 then I have FMJ ball ammo, usually FIOCCHI. I'm not a big caliber person, I have owned .357/.38 and .45 but now for carry the highest caliber I would use is a .38 or 9mm and as of now all I own are my .380 and .32 and I feel safe with them.

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    I have Golden Saber 185gr +p in my M&P and Hornady Critical Defence in my FNS. The Golden saber is something else....it would put a hurting on the recipient of such a nice round and nice tingle in the hands of the shooter!

  5. I use Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P SB in my Ruger SR9c and Winchester PDX1 155gr in my Ruger SR40. Both rounds are law enforcement issued and proven. It is all by personal preference and what performs best in your firearm. Contact the manufacturer of the firearm and the ammunition to see what their recommendations are.

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    Federal HST and Speer Gold Dot and Gold Dot short-barrel.

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    I use Hornaday's Critical Defense in my Ruger LCP, LC9s, & SR1911, and in my Rem. 1911 R1. My gun nut brother-in-law recommended it, and from what I've read and seen, it looks like a pretty wicked load; though, the Hornaday Zombie Max looks like it might do a little more damage than the Critical Defense. But, I'm not about to change now; it would cost too much to make the switch and I'm not sure the additional damage vs cost would warrant the switch. I think I have a standard Winchester ball in my Ruger SR22 and H & R 929.
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    .45 acp 230gr Golden Sabre & .44 SPL. 240gr BVAC SJHP

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  9. bo_leggs, Zombie Max and Critical Defense are one in the same except the change of color from Red to Zombie Green of the tip cap. Make it more appealing to the Zombie Preppers and my 16 year old...

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    Speer Gold Dot 180gr, JHP for my .40.
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    For 9mm: Hornady 115grn. Critical Defense (G26) (I wish Winchester made PDX-1 for this that wasn't +P, I'd sure change)
    For 40/ S&W: Winchester 165grn. PDX-1 (Sig Equinox P229) (thinking of going with a 180grn. PDX-1 if I can find them)
    For 45ACP: Speer Gold Dot JHP 230grn (Sig P220 Tactical) (If I didn't already have a but load of this, I'd go with Winchester PDX-1 230grn)

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