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  1. goin to need a lawyer

    i had a ccw omce before well i try again this year but was denied i appealedit drove 4 hours there and spemt 200 bucks for hotel well they denied me i am on disability for my back and they won't issue mu ccw i think thats bullcrap so yes i need a lawer in Indiana

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    So what was their reason? Are you on or did you admit you're on high end prescribed meds ( schedule 1 or 2)for your back an there's concern about your decision making skills because of the type an amount of the drug you use daily.

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    You might want to ask the issuing authority for direction as to what medications will prohibit issuance of a CCW. Such matter is usually covered by documentation issued by the state.
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    You might get better/more responses in the Indiana State sub-forum here, or at least the concealed carry sub-forum. You posted this in the open carry sub-forum. Is that because you want to open carry, but Indiana requires the license to do so?
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  6. I don't think they have access to your medical record, HIPPA and all

  7. Guess he changed his mind.

    I am from Indiana, we have a life time permit now.

    I'm also not sure that is how our appeals process works here.

    I never had to appeal, but I did have to send additional information. But it was all E-mail.

    I'm pretty sure that is how you would appeal it.

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