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Thread: Is open carry smart, depending on location?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by ccwaz View Post
    I live in Mesa. If you are in South Scottsdale, keep your head on a swivel; be situationally very aware to keep from being jumped by someone who targets you just to get your sidearm. In the rest of the area, unless you're carrying an unusually large piece or are very ostentatious most people won't notice or care. A few people (including police officers) might be concerned simply because of the combination of your age and the carry. In some of the shopping centers (malls) you will be asked to disarm, out of consideration for other customers and you then must comply. Better is to not go open carry in those places, because if they have too many requests to disarm they may decide to post the area and prohibit even concealed carry for everyone.
    Bottom line: AZ is a very gun-friendly state. Be discreet, polite, and as you said, maintain a clean-cut appearance and you will have very little trouble - except in those few "progressive" democrat areas, which unfortunately include some areas of Scottsdale and the area around the University in Tempe. When dealing with police officers, they have a legal right to take possession until they break contact with you. Be very respectful and compliant and you will have no trouble. The following link may be helpful: AZ CCW Permit Blog Archive Handgun Carry in Arizona between the age of 18 and 21 years of age.
    Thanks, this is the exact answer I was looking for. I plan on using a multi level retention holster and not carrying in crowded areas such as shopping malls, or with a high "anti-gun" population, like you said. That's a good point about being jumped instead of somebody simply trying to grab it and run away. I also understand why police officers would be wary, but I hold the utmost respect for our law enforcement and always try to remain polite and composed. Also, I plan on asking them to take possession of it just to defuse the situation. Being that we live in Arizona where so many nut cases could be carrying concealed, I feel that being able to adequately protect myself is a justifiable trade off to needing to explain myself to law enforcement.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Not for me.
    Let me rephrase that: Most gun owners would rather that other people are not aware they were carrying, for various reasons.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by HKS View Post
    Have you seen what a big dude can do to a small teen?

    The gun would belong to the big dude.
    That's a surprisingly ignorant statement. I've fought in MMA for years, and have seen "small guys" absolutely kick ass when placed in matches against bigger guys. Also, I'm about the same size as the average adult man, but with much more muscle mass, so will you extend that to say that most men shouldn't carry either, based on size?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by HKS View Post
    During my tour of duty I led about 50 troops, before my admin assignment pushed me up to battalion, where I worked for the Colonel (a Lt.Col) as his adjutant.

    I noticed there is no difference between teens and teens in uniform. They need guidance and supervision as much or more so than high school or college kids. Age 25 seems to be magical in that suddenly they become grown-up's and by then they are sergeants and also stand watch with their own 45ACP.

    Teens and guns are not a good fit in my experience.

    Once in college 2 of my roommates who were under 21 almost got into a gunfight over a girl. Sheesh!
    You're right, there is a difference. However, you should avoid making a blanket statement about all teenagers without knowing anything about my values or how I compare to your view of teenagers. I have a family military history and am actually working on a congressional recommendation to apply to one of our military academies, but hopefully I'll be able to stay out of gunfights for a few more years.

  6. I agree with what everyone is saying about instruction and knowledge not being strongly correlated to responsibility and discretion, and most 18 year olds I know should not be carrying guns. Yes, not all, but most. Alcohol misuse, saggy pants, poor judgment and temper/testosterone issues are never a good mix when deadly weapons are involved. HOWEVER, I don't apply to any of those descriptions, and this thread is supposed to be about smart carrying for RESPONSIBLE teenagers, not arguing over whether most are, or whether it's appropriate for toddlers to carry guns. I'm sure all of us here would even agree that AT LEAST 75% of teens should not carry, and in fact a very large percentage of adults should not carry. To all of you arguing over gross over generalizations, let's save that for another thread.

  7. At the end of the day, nobody is proving anything by pursuing petty arguments, so let's just keep this contained and limited to responsible teenagers and gun owners, with the key word being responsible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IISevv View Post
    At the end of the day, nobody is proving anything by pursuing petty arguments, so let's just keep this contained and limited to responsible teenagers and gun owners, with the key word being responsible.
    Yeah, good luck with that...Is open carry smart, depending on location?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotTwoShure View Post
    YES I DID.
    Been a while.
    As you can imagin I didn't just discover the internet. Is it possible that this is not my first forum experience? Is it possible that you could join a forum today and get a taste of the membership culture today?

    I admit that maybe you can't, that maybe it does take you a few months and/or several hundred posts to determin such, and so you think it takes me that long as well.

    But I don't know you, so I refrain from making that judgment.

    For all I know, those whom I've identified as troll...this is their first forum experience. That's why they make snotty comments and are shocked when I retort and even out-snot them. Millennials, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reba View Post
    Just to know where you're coming from, how old are you?
    Mid 40s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genasi View Post
    Mid 40s.
    Thank you.

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