Trump to address the nra convention this week
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Thread: Trump to address the nra convention this week

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    Trump to address the nra convention this week

    This week the keynote speaker to address the NRA convention will be the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.
    This is the first time a President has done this since President Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump is a life member of the NRA and a Concealed Carry permit holder for many years. He has already said he will sign a bill to make Concealed Carry nationwide legal.
    As of now there are 2 bills in Congress to make that happen. He 38 and SB 466. So then why are these bills not getting more attention and action. HR 38 in the House Judiciary Committee has 188 Co-Sponsors (including a few Democrats). SB 466 in the Senate has 36 Co-Sponsors (no Democrats). These bills have the endorsements of The NRA and the GOA and many other Pro-Gun groups, accounting for Millions of member supporters. So why then have these bill sat motionless for so long in committee.
    The answer is the Leaders of the House and Senate don't like Donald Trump the Republican President, The man that America chose to lead the country. The reason is, even though he got elected, they want to have the POWER to run the country and to keep Trump out of the position we wanted him to serve and use the power to run things as they want. Don't forget, just because the Republicans have the Executive branch and the Congress, doesn't mean we have gotten rid of the Liberals. The Liberal Right is just about as disappointed at Trump winning, as the Left is that Hillary lost.
    We will see the Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and Senator Mitch McConnell are going to be a constant road block for Trump. And even thought Trumps will sign Pro-Gun legislation, they intend to hold it hostage, ad use it for ransom for political power over Trump.
    What we the People need is to get rid of Paul Ryan as House Speaker, and McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. Those 2 are going to be in a headbutting contest with Trump for as long as they are around.
    You would think with all 3 offices of the President, the House, and the Senate in the Republicans hands things would be ideal. But the struggle for power is going to make the next 4 years a waste of time if Ryan and McConnell are allowed to stay in leadership.

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    So, you post a wall of text in the wrong sub forum about a topic that I already posted 3 days ago: Politics and News | President Trump to Speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum.

    Also, the NRA Annual Meeting is next week, not this week. Are you actually going to the NRA Annual Meeting? Are you going to attend President Trump's speech at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum?

    On one thing, I agree with you, Congress should enact a law making carry permits illegal as they violate the 2nd Amendment.

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