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  1. Solution to No Open Carry Laws / Walmart

    If we can carry concealed in a bag, why not your usual open carry...but covered up. Covered up with anything: a holster with a flap, hang an old shirt on it, a paper bag that says "Not A Gun", a Walmart bag.
    Not ideal but better than no gun.
    Where's the line between concealed and open carry?

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    When you can't see the gun
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    I hope the OP is in a constitutional carry state, as his question leads me to believe that they do not have a concealed carry permit, and while not violating Wal-Warts rules, would be breaking the law.
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    If its carried in a bag, then isn't it considered 'in transport'?

    Anytime you cover your open carry, you are now conceal carrying.

    OP, you should probably freshen up on your dictionary skills and re-read the definitions of conceal and open. At the same time, I highly recommend taking a CCW class on the matter.

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