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Thread: Tennessee trying to change laws.

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    I have heard that "alot" of establishments (restaraunts) were going to ban guns I have not been to TN since the new law took effect and do know there is a specific paragraph they must post has anyone found any place doing this yet? if so which ones are they so I can avoid and take my buisness/money else where.
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    There is a high incidence of "Gunbuster" signs in restaurants around Memphis. The Memphis Restaurant Association was very vocal in its opposition to this law, and has encouraged all its members to put a sign up in their establishments. The news even went so far as to self-righteously proclaim that these people were protecting themselves by putting up a "no guns allowed" sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SW40MoJo View Post
    The carry where alcohol is served has been changed recently to where you can carry as long as 60% of sales is from food. Now it looks as if they are trying to go further with it.
    How would that work?

    Do you have to check a company's financial statements before you enter?

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