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Thread: 2009 National Open Carry Day this year?

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    I found this. Click and read

    National Open Carry

    National Open Carry Day©


    National Open Carry Weekend©

    Because "a Right restricted is a Right denied" and "a Right not exercised is a Right lost."

    "The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that... it is their right and duty to be at all times armed" Thomas Jefferson

    The next National Open Carry Day is To Be Announced

    The next National Open Carry Weekend is TBA.

    The National Independence Day and Weekend Open Carry of 2008 was a huge success with hundreds of participants. Thank you to everyone for being safe, courteous and exercising your Rights!

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    Arizona is an open carry state, so no problem. I often open carry when outdoors hunting, fishing or camping but not too often in town. Arizona is also a "shall issue" concealed carry state, meaning that unless you are disqualified for being a felon, convicted of domestic violence, etc, you will be issued a concealed carry permit (CCP).

    We were told by our CCP instructor that the reason Arizona is an open carry state is because we are the "Wild F--king West". The "shall issue" policy is to encourage people to carry concealed, because open carry makes all the liberals moving here from California nervous.

    Remember with either open or concealed carry, there are still restrictions regarding where you may legally carry, so be aware of those restrictions. (e.g. you may not carry, open or concealed, on school grounds, in places where alcohol is served, in government building, etc.)

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    I suggest July 4th.
    Very Respectfully,

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAPTAIN MIKE View Post
    I suggest July 4th.
    Couldn't think of a better day!

    What a better day to publicly display a right than Independence Day?

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