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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    I'm glad we don't have that problem in Washington. After a couple of successful lawsuits against different police departments across the state, 911 operators are being trained to screen calls and most won't make it past the 911 operator. They ask a simple question - "What is the person with gun actually doing and where is the gun?" If the answer is, "Well, he's pushing his kid in a swing in a park and the gun is in a holster!" The 911 answer is, "Well, then, there is no need for police presence because there is no indication that a crime is being committed."

    Also, if the police "must respond", they can show up, see the man shopping in Wal Mart with a gun in a holster, and sign it off. No requirement to interact with the person carrying the gun and if the 911 operators aren't screening the calls - that just isn't my problem - they need to start interacting with the people illegally calling 911, not the law abiding citizens shopping with a lawfully carried firearm in a holster.
    Hopefully Ohio will get to where Washington is sooner rather than later. Were I a betting man, I'd guess that we'll still need to have two or three more "examples" before it finally sinks in. I did contact the Toledo Police Department and was advised by a LT that their training section was doing an in-service program to get the troops up to speed. Hopefully other departments will take note and do so as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dogshawred View Post
    I live in Ohio and OC every time I leave the house, except during cold weather when I have to wear a coat. I reside just south of Canton/Akron area and have never had a LEO called on me for MWAG. I have not had a individual accost me for open carrying either in Ohio (Indiana that is another story). I know a number of LEO's and know they are fully aware of our rights as citizens in Ohio to open carry, none of them are looking for trouble they just want to get through their day and go home, granted that isn't the mentality of all LEO's and the information they may receive from 911 may not always be completely accurate. BUT that should not be a deterrent to any of us who wish to OC. I will not allow ignorance or arrogance to keep me from exercising my rights as I see them legally.
    Yeah, I think that a lot of what we have seen over the years is certain entities trying to create a "chilling effect" by causing the population to believe that the right to OC isn't worth the hassle that comes with the scrutiny from those entities answering calls for service (MWAG). I have noticed that the response to OC in rural areas differs greatly from that in the metropolitan areas, the former usually being little more than a quick glance and (occasionally) when caught looking, a friendly smile and perhaps a nice conversation. The latter is more often, at least in my experience, a more narrow eyed glare followed by a brief dispassionate period of observation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post

    Because open carry gets attacked by concealed carriers and anti gun nuts all the time...

    Why is there a "gun rights" issue at all?
    Agreed. Unfortunately, there are those who, just because they believe a right to be too inconvenient to exercise, would have us all dismiss it for that same reason. It'll never end.
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  5. Thank you for your lengthy but enjoyable writing. I believe that most incidents like the one in N Carolina and elsewhere could have been avoided or lessened in severity if someone had been carrying concealed.

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    Please don't feed the troll.

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    “One of the illusions of life is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive one.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Here's a little more logic for the arsenal. It's from another open carry thread on another forum. Poster suggests OC will get the cops called on you. Instead of the "Well so what?" tack, I went with:

    Originally Posted by XXXXX
    Whether open carry is legal or prohibited those doing so will always draw attention to themselves in modern America, and it is only a matter of time before someone makes the panicked "man with a gun" call.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mainsail
    Ten years ago OC was not something you’d see very often in western WA. People did make panicked calls to the police, and the police responded. Sometimes the OCer wore handcuffs until it got sorted out. Here’s the hitch though- OC was just as lawful then as now. So what changed and how did that change come about?

    Well, first of all we just kept right on carrying openly, politely reminded any responding officers of its lawfulness, and before long the word got out that it was legal. Within the first few months police departments began issuing training bulletins to inform their officers of the law regarding OC (or in our case the lack of a law that prohibits it). The ‘slower’ departments paid settlements for civil rights violations; some of them substantial. Today, you will only very rarely hear about a confrontation between OCers and police.

    Your ‘right’ to choose your religion is useless if you’re too afraid to attend your church. Your right to assemble is pointless if you have to meet secretly in your basement, complete with a secret knock so you don’t inadvertently open the door to a government agent. Your free speech rights are without effect if the best you can do is grumble under your breath. So how can you claim there is a ‘right’ to carry a firearm if you are too intimidated to do it, or only willing to do it surreptitiously?

    You cannot make a legitimate complaint that OC will bring negative response from the police if you are unwilling to stand up against it. So how come you don’t stand up against it? Is it because CC is “good enough” for you? We have no-hassle OC in WA now, and it has benefited all of us regardless of our method of carry. Back when OC was so bold as to compel an officer to violate your civil rights for doing it, they would do likewise for the inadvertently exposed CC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainsail View Post
    Here's a little more logic for the arsenal. It's from another open carry thread on another forum. Poster suggests OC will get the cops called on you. Instead of the "Well so what?" tack, I went with:
    Good to see you back Mainsail. As per usual, your logic is irrefutable. Also as per usual, it seems that CC-only gun "rights advocates" care to complain and/or criticize about how other people carry. It's such a weird phenomenon. I'll never get it.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    If someone wants to OC where legal that's their decision. They're not harming anyone and need to be left alone. Yes, there are crazies who will fabricate something and call police but that should not be a deterrent to OC. Carry-on.

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    Guns are like children, they should be seen but not heard. A pistol on your hip for all the world to see is the best way to head off trouble. Fear of the unpressed trigger can go a long way.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Mainsail View Post
    Here's a little more logic for the arsenal. It's from another open carry thread on another forum. Poster suggests OC will get the cops called on you. Instead of the "Well so what?" tack, I went with:
    Excellent response!

    As usual, of course.

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