Oregon CHL scan thread.
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Thread: Oregon CHL scan thread.

  1. Oregon CHL scan thread.

    Alright, I suggested it in one thread, so I might as well start the thread.

    In Oregon, Concealed Handgun Licenses are issues by each county's sheriff's office (although they are good throughout the state, of course.) Each sheriff's office seems to have a completely different design. So here's a thread to scan yours in and post it so people elsewhere can see what a legitimate one looks like for each county (that submits one, anyway.)

    The official USA Carry page for Oregon shows a Lane County, so we don't need that.

    Here is a Multnomah County, as issued this year. Note that the back of a Multnomah County license is completely blank. The front is just 'printed' on to the plastic card. It is roughly the thickness of a standard credit card. The white flecks on the border are where the printing has already started to wear off, even though this is the first time I have removed it from my wallet in months; and it has only been removed from its behind-plastic-window place two or three times ever.

    Oregon CHL scan thread.-chl-multco.jpg

    Please scan yours in, obfuscate all personal info (I just blurred mine out, six blur-cycles on different settings, but you can completely erase it if you prefer,) and attach it.

    To ensure that the file is saved in a format with no chance of holding un-obfuscated info, I would suggest a .jpg, since they don't support layers, so there's no chance you accidentally upload one that still has your info. I'm uploading mine at 320 pixels wide. Plenty big for easy identification, but not big enough to be usable to forge one.

  3. Washington County - 2010

    Back is completely blank.
    Top right is a gold-colored holographic image of a pistol.
    Full name (First Middle Last) above "DOB HGT WGT"
    Address below "DOB HGT WGT"
    Signature directly below picture.
    Oregon CHL scan thread.-chlblurred.jpg

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    Wasco County
    Issued 2008

    Plastic; similar to Oregon drivers license
    8-digit license number.
    Watermark of Sheriff star in middle.
    Back blank.

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    Clackamas county looks like a old school high school id card. They told me that they can not afford the newer machine.

  6. Interesting. I did not know different counties had different cards. Makes sense I guess. Mine would be from Lane county so not much point.

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