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Thread: Travelling to Oregon with a Pistol Questions

  1. You need a CHL to carry in Oregon - but the good news is that it's not too hard to obtain. The Oregon State Sheriff's Association provides online concealed handgun license training that satisfies the Oregon educational requirement for handgun safety training to obtain your concealed handgun license. After completing this course you must make an appointment with your Sheriff but that's it.

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    You can open carry in Oregon without a permit.

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    Apart from the fact that the OP is from 2011 and talking about a visit next week to Portland by an out-of-state person who's permit is not honored:

    • Oregon does not honor any other state Permit/Licenses.
    • Non-Resident Permits: Oregon will issue permits to people who are residents of states that border Oregon. Those states are Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada.
    • Open Carry is legal but the state gave local governments the right to adopt laws/ordinances on carrying loaded firearms by those without a permit/license to carry.
    • The City of Portland prohibits the possession of a loaded firearm in a public place without a license to carry (Portland City Code 14A.60.010).

    Read the entire Chapter 14A.60 of the Portland City Code for weapons regulations. Transporting an unloaded handgun and keeping it loaded in the hotel room in Portland is fine if one does not possess a license to carry. Open carry (in a public place) is illegal in Portland without such license.

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