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  1. Second hand rifles in Oregon....

    Hi all, I'm new here.

    This afternoon I was at an estate sale in the Portland Metro area and came across a
    "Ranger 101.16" .22 caliber rifle for sale.

    I was tempted to buy it as I've hear that they are pretty reliable weapons.

    I was concerned about the fact that the sale would have been totally undocumented. Is that legal in Oregon?

    Any input would be appreciated!


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    As long as you are a resident of the State of Oregon, I see no problem with the private party sale. Sounds like the kind I prefer (no documentation and legal).

  4. Yup. As rogue says, 100% legal in Oregon. As long as the seller doesn't have "reason to believe" the buyer can't legally buy, no documentation necessary.

  5. Private gun sales are completely legitimate in Oregon if the seller reasonably believes the buyer meets the required standards are met: 18-years old for a rifle/shotgun or 21-years-old for a pistol, mentally stable, not a felon, no restraining order, not found guilty of domestic violence, or transferring to a third party that is disqualified.

    With that being said, if a background check is not completed the seller assumes civil liability for selling that gun. If the seller uses Oregon State Police Firearms Instant Check System they are absolved of civil liability if the check comes back clear, and the firearm is transferred within 24-hours to the buyer. This is per ORS 166.436 7(a):

    (7)(a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this subsection, a transferor who receives notification under this section that the recipient is qualified to complete the transfer of a firearm is immune from civil liability for any use of the firearm from the time of the transfer unless the transferor knows, or reasonably should know, that the recipient is likely to commit an unlawful act involving the firearm.
    If you as a buyer feel that the gun may be stolen, or you want to be sure as a seller then you can call Oregon FICS at Instant Check (And Stolen Gun Checks) at 1-800-432-5059 or 503-585-6245.

    Enjoy your next gun purchase in the great state of Oregon!

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