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    I live down south on the Rogue and feel like I have gone to a whole 'nother (socialist) country when I get north of Cottage Grove..
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  3. The wife and I like going to Seaside, we also was in Medford to get away which was pretty much laid back, I had my gun the whole time those I do have a CCL for OR.

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    Oregon is a strange mix of liberal and conservative. Decent gun laws, but lots of paranoids who oppose them. Staying out of the bigs cities except to visit is good advice. We're trying to get out of Portland and into a different county.
    True statement. At least it's not too hard to obtain your CHL so you can conceal carry so as to not irk the prissy liberals. The Oregon State Sheriff's Association provides online concealed handgun license training that satisfies the Oregon educational requirement for handgun safety training to obtain your concealed handgun license. After completing this course you must make an appointment with your Sheriff but that's it.

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    as long as OR doesn't recognize out of state permission slips I will not be visiting.
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