I love Oregon
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Thread: I love Oregon

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    Thumbs up I love Oregon

    You have a lot of tree hugers!! And I loved the time I spent in your state!! If it wasn't so rainy and cold at times I could have stayed......:fireman[1]:
    When I retire I am going to move up North and drive slow!!

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    Yeah, there's a lot of libs in the big cities, Portland, Eugene, Springfield. And we got a fair amount of hippies, mostly in Eugene. But for the most part, there are nice folk around here.
    I was born and raised here, and plan on staying. I did leave the state one time, ironically to your state. It blew my mind to see an alligator in my cousin's back yard. :D
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    I left for eight years, while in the Navy. I saw enough of the world to know without a doubt that I wanted to come back to Oregon.

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    Definitely spent his time in the valley.

    East of the Cascades, it's a little drier and warmer...
    "Life is a great teacher. Unfortunately, it kills all of its students..."

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    Lived here all my life. Been acrossed the country from coast to coast. Didn't find any place better than here to live. Yea it is wet and cold in the winter but we do have seasons and like the old saying goes "if you don't like the weather wait a minute and it will change". We do have a lot of tree huggers, unfortunately most live in the big cities and that's where most the people live so they control the politics. Cut the three big cities out and this would be a more conservative state.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post
    Definitely spent his time in the valley.

    East of the Cascades, it's a little drier and warmer...
    SHHHHHHHHHHH.......We who live on the right side of the state want to keep that a secret!!!!
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  8. Oregon is a strange mix of liberal and conservative. Decent gun laws, but lots of paranoids who oppose them. Staying out of the bigs cities except to visit is good advice. We're trying to get out of Portland and into a different county.

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    I have been working in Oregon since august and would have to agree. The big cities seem to be full of the liberals but pretty much everywhere else seems to be conservative.
    Luckily my people I work are all a bunch of gun ”nuts” so I can feel at home. :-)

  10. I remember Beaverton when it had a lot of farms. Not anymore.

  11. I moved to Oregon

    I spent a lot of my life living in California and Washington states, so naturally, I spent a fair amount of time passing through, Oregon. I now live in a very small town north of Roseburg and love it. In the summer the weather is very warm and in the winter there is not much snow. It rains, but not nearly as much as I thoought it would. The people are friendly and the flora and fauna are beautful. Life is good.

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