~Lifeguard gets billed $2600.00 for saving a kids life~
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Thread: ~Lifeguard gets billed $2600.00 for saving a kids life~

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    Angry ~Lifeguard gets billed $2600.00 for saving a kids life~

    Save a child from drowning & then get billed over $2600.00 for your good deed? WTF??

    Lifeguard John Clark Saves Boy, Is Hit With $2,600 Hospital Bill - Careers Articles

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    The 'life saver' stated he wasn't feeling well after the rescue and was transported to the hospital. I would expect anyone, irregardless of why they went to the hospital; to be charged for the services rendered when they go to the ER.
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    The title of this article is misleading. I was led to believe that, just by virtue of rescuing someone, he was billed $2,600. But he was admitted and had services rendered, so why is it so shocking that he was billed?
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    Yeah I have seen this all over today. He wasn't billed for saving a life, he was billed for the ambulance ride and er services rendered.
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    Figured he hurt the kid when rescuing him and he got sued or something. This is a no brainer unless he was on the clock as a life guard then the company should pay. It doesn't sound like he was though so of course he gets the bill... Welcome to being adult!

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    $450 for the emergency room, $230 for the doctor bill , $1,900 ambulance ride, and saving a life..... PRICELESS.....
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    that's insanity. folks need to get off the money system and just do for folks because they can and i bet without money based culture we would do much more for others as we do now for better reasons.......imagine a world like that.....yea i know dream on......but wouldn't it be nice
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    The insanity is the ridiculous charges for an ambulance ride. I understand the costs for standby make it expensive but the charges around the country are approaching criminal.

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    The young man said he expected there would be some charge but $1900? It said he went in the ambulance with the boy.

    Two questions I have about this:
    1. Did the ambulance charge the hero the full cost and nothing to the kid? Or was the other boy also charged $1900? That would make the cost of one ambulance for 15 miles$3800! As for ER services, again, he said he expected there would be some charge. I would assume most of any ambulance medical treatment would have been performed on boy, with quick check only on hero with a headache.

    2. Was it the suggestion of the ambulance crew to ride along to be checked out at the hospital instead of him deciding on his own to ride along. How many 17 year old kids are going to think about the ambulance costing so much or driving himself as alternative? Heck, I'll bet many adults would not expect anything like this.

    I wonder if this was a private company or part of the city?
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    Strikes me this should be covered by Workers' Comp...
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