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Thread: List of Oregon CCW Instructors

  1. Philip Peake

    NRA certified instructor
    - Pistol
    - Rifle
    - Self defense in the home

    Range officer

    Oregon CHL Firearms training
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    Oregon Instructors - Don & Linda Leach

    Oregon and Utah Certified Instructors
    Home Page
    [email protected]
    Retired Attorney
    [email protected]
    Pilot - interstate flying gun questions answered

  4. Aerodyne Firearms

    Aerodyne Firearms-Oregon Concealed Carry Permits near Eugene

    NRA Certified- Home Firearms Safety and Pistol Instructor

    Instructors have over over fifteen years of experience teaching this class, as well as a background in law enforcement and US Army Special Forces.

    Aerodyne Firearms - Home
    [email protected]

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    Portland Firearms Training Team

    :: Portland Firearms Training Team ::
    NRA Instructor pistol, rifle, shotgun, reloading, SRSO
    Portland Or Area
    Jeff Cohen

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    Greg Perdue
    Box P Ranch Firearms Sales
    Box P Ranch click on contact us and send me a email.
    CHL classes are $25.00 per student.
    If you would like to sponsor a class in your home. The class will be free for the sponsor if they have 10 students to attend the class in their home.

  7. CCW class in Oregon - Portland area

    Blackstone Gun Safety
    POB 1343
    Hillsboro, Oregon 97123
    Instructor: Dan Blackstone

    Classes available:

    Utah, Oregon, Florida classes
    Basic Pistol Safety and Shooting
    Defensive Training and Shooting
    Refuse to be a Victim

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    Join Date
    Dec 2010

    Certified NRA and Utah concealed carry instructor

    NRA Home firearms safety
    NRA Certified Pistol
    NRA Personal protection in the home
    NRA Refuse to be a victim
    Utah non-resident concealed carry instructor

    Port Orford, Oregon
    541 253-6240
    [email protected]

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    The Jacobe Group
    (503) 362-0584

    Class room address
    1165 Cordon Rd NE
    Salem, OR 97301

    Mailing address
    PO Box 13458
    Salem, OR 97309-1458

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    Pack Legal

    Concealed handgun instructorCertifed in Oregon, Utah and Florida.
    Come to my class and enjoy going back to school.
    or visit me at Pack Legal or contact me at 503-267-2537

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    Box P Ranch Firearms Sales

    Oregon CHL classes in your home. Vist us at Box P Ranch
    Classes in Estacada, Beaverton, Salem, Clackamas and Portland.

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