Warning from NRA-ILA
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  1. Warning from NRA-ILA

    I saw on the Home page of the site that a senator has introduced legislation to provide for different and tougher laws for Philadelphia. Basically it will create a one gun a month law and provide for a fund for futher laws to restrict our rights. I wonder how many of our lawmakers have actually read the current laws at all cause in the Uniform Firearms Act there is a pre-emption clause that this new law would end up negating and open up the possibility for further encroachment on our rights. I am glad that I plan on leaving this city and commonwealth as soon as I can and heading out to Arizona where they still understand and respect our rights.

  3. Great...

    Yea, these LIBS hate GUNS.... it's INSANE!!!

    President Obama is "going to address gun control" - soon. Please FAX this to your senator: http://bit.ly/gOMHCN

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