Concealed Carry at the NRA Convention?
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Thread: Concealed Carry at the NRA Convention?

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    Question Concealed Carry at the NRA Convention?

    Does anybody know if carry is permitted at the NRA Convention? As far as I can tell the building isn't restricted. I wonder about the event itself.

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    If your talking about the david l lawrence convention center in pittsburgh for the annual event next month I don't see why not. I've concealed carried there for other events
    Unless they treat it like a gun show. Most gun shows in pittsburgh don't let you carry a loaded gun in the event.

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    That's what I was thinking..... Since my hotel is 11 miles away I don't want to take it then have to stow it in the car.

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    I would call the NRA and ask about that. They are the event organizer. They should know better than anyone else.

    but I hope you can carry, that would be kinda sad that the NRA convention would ask there members to leave the guns at home, since they defend the 2nd all the time.

    I actually did a bit more digging and found out that in the 2010 NRA convention you where not allowed to carry due to the rules in the convention center, but it looks like this is not going to be the problem in 2011. I found it in a different place, I would still check with the NRA and the convention center.

    look at that post

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    Well, I finally received an email from the NRA about it. They are looking into it also and told me to keep checking. He said that they want it but have to see what the final say is.

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