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    Non-resident permit

    Hey all

    Hoping someone can give me info on non-resident carry licenses for PA. I am a NYS pistol license holder and wish to obtain my PA license as well.

    Some people I shoot with have recommended that I apply with Centre County. However, on another post on this site, someone commented that their license from that county is just a piece of paper. I am spoiled (in a NY gun laws suck, but this is about as good as it gets kind of way) in my county in NY that the license is printed on a plastic "credit card" and is not subject to the dangers of clothes washers that paper permits are.

    Are there other countys that are non-resident friendly that offer a more modern license?

    Thank you,


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    You may find it easier to get a non-resident permit from New Hampshire. The New Hampshire permit is honored by Pennsylvania. They only require a valid permit from another state and $20. Their turn-around is now running about 1 month (from phone call).
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    I just got my PA renewal a few weeks back. I'm also in upstate NY. My first license from PA was both the paper sheet (about 3x6) but they also sent me a shrunken laminated version to carry. This time around I didn't get the small version. I made a high quality wallet size copy and laminated it for carry. If I need to go to PA I'll take the original with me. When I get around to it I'll call the Centre County Sheriff's office and see if this would be OK.


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    Talking Centre County PA

    I just got off the phone with the CC PA sheriff's office. It is perfectly ok to shrink down the license to 60% and laminate it. This is what they do for resident licenses.


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    I just got my NH Res permit and i am looking to get my PA permit. Is there a link i can get the forum from? Or do i have to call them and ask? NH Res permits are paper as well.


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    Centre County seems to be the most popular for non-res permits. Their website is Centre County Government: Sheriff: License to Carry Firearm Application. The application is attached.

    I have gotten my NH non-res (plastic card), but have not gotten the PA license. I'm not sure if I will or not.

    Good luck.


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    Sending my application out now. Lets see what happens.
    Thanks for all the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pistol pete View Post
    Sending my application out now. Lets see what happens.
    Thanks for all the info.
    Good luck. Hope you get your permit in a reasonable amount of time.

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    I LOVE PA. Sent out application on 10/24 recieved my permit today 10/30.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by pistol pete View Post
    I LOVE PA. Sent out application on 10/24 recieved my permit today 10/30.
    Hedy Pete I am a nys resident also, I live in Rockland county ny I just applied and was denied and the reason given was that I needed a "non restricted permit".

    My current permit is for buisness security,home,sportsman What does your nys permit say on it

    Are there any other nys residents with a non resident pa permit,if yes what does your permit say

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