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  1. Pa carry/alcohol

    As a conceal carry permit holder in Pennsylvania I know that I am within my rights to carry inside an establishment that serves alcohol. However, would I be breaking the law if I had a drink in the bar while carrying? Are there limits to BAC or is it completely banned? I'm not saying I want to go out and get drunk. I just like to drink a beer with dinner.

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    First post and you ask an idiotic question like that? What do you think would happen if you had to use the gun with alcohol on your breath?


  4. Sir, I wasn't talking about getting drunk or how it would look, I just wanted to know the legal ramifications. I'm not an idiot and this is not something that I do. However, I would like to be able to have a beer with dinner and still protect myself and my family. There is no need to treat me like an ***** hole sir.

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    Drinking and guns is always a bad idea. I don't know about PA law but in TX you can't drink if you are carrying.

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    Having your weapon in a bar in PA is not a good idea. You cannot legally carry oc or cc in Pa in an establishment that gets helf of its profits from alcohol. Whether half is from alcohol is the question. Id leave it in the car.

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    Flanmedic51 Guest
    Not another alcohol and carry us, the public and the 2nd amendment a favor and don't drink while you carry, k? There is no better way to screw up a self defense shooting case than by having alcohol in your blood at the point in which you pull the trigger. 1 beer...20 doesn't matter.

  8. Maybe I am being an ***hole too, but since you are a license holder was this not covered in your class? At least in Ohio you have to acknowledge that you have read the handbook which contains the laws and guide,Ines that must be followed. And as all have said, any amount of alcohol is a TERRIBLE idea. Judgement and response/reaction become immediately impaired, even if only minimally with 1 drink. Which is more important, your family's safety, or your desire to "have a beer"

  9. In Pa there isn't a required class. Like I said before this isn't something I do now, and I don't plan on doing it in the future.

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    Against the law in EVERY sate.

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    Nevada, in some ways have liberal CCW rules. For instance you can CC or open carry in bars and restaurants and that serve alcohol and even drink alcohol BUT it must be under a set limit, I forget what the limit is but it's lower than the driving limit of .08. But it's always a bad idea to mix alcohol and guns. Keep it simple and just don't drink while carrying and driving .

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