PA counties issuing Non Resident CWP
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Thread: PA counties issuing Non Resident CWP

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    PA counties issuing Non Resident CWP

    I'm a SC resident and CWP holder. I travel though PA often and spend allot of time here on the OH/PA line. Trying to find information on sheriff offices that will issue non resident. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Best place to go is the Lancaster County Sheriff's office. It is located at 50 North Duke St. You will need you drivers license, you home state CCW, and money. Usually takes about 20 minutes if you go on their website and print and fill out application and bring it with you. Caution, do not sign the application in advance. You must sign it in front of them. Also do not carry a gun or cell phone into the building, you'll have to go through a metal detector.

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