Robbery Victim Shoots Robber
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Thread: Robbery Victim Shoots Robber

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    Robbery Victim Shoots Robber

    An attempted robbery in Wilkes-Barre was foiled Sunday morning when the victim shot the would-be robber in the foot.

    Police arrested two people in connection with the incident.

    Suspects are Jerome Kuren, 31, Harrison Avenue., of Scranton and Melissa Dunn, 26, Pine Street, of Wilkes-Barre.

    According to police, Craig Budde, 51, of Arthur Street, Hazleton, said he accompanied Dunn to 41 Pine St. at about 8:10 a.m. when Kuren confronted him, armed with a metal pipe. Kuren demanded Budde’s money, and Budde gave it to him.

    Kuren then raised the pipe he was holding and approached Budde in a threatening manner. Budde produced a pistol and fired a round, striking Kuren in the foot.

    Kuren was treated and released from Geisinger Wyoming Valley Hospital in Plains Township.

    Budde is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, according to police.

    Both Kuren and Dunn were taken into custody, and charges are pending while police continue to investigate.

    Budde, along with his wife, Vilmarie Budde, has been active in efforts to organize a Guardian Angels chapter in the Hazleton area and has been involved with the Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area. Although he has been licensed to carry a concealed firearm for many years, Budde said it’s a form of self defense you hope you never have to use.

    “Nobody wants to be put in that type of situation. You hope you never have to use it,” Budde said.

    When his attacker threatened him with the pipe and demanded money, Budde said he handed over his cash and figured he’d call the police afterward and provide a description. When Kuren raised the pipe again, Budde said he felt his life was in danger.

    “When they tried to rob me, I thought, ‘Give him the money and call the police later,’” Budde explained. “When he came at me again, I thought, ‘I can’t fight him. I’m 51 years old, I’m disabled, I don’t have the strength to run’,” Budde said.

    “I am just a citizen, minding my own business, doing nothing wrong,” he said. “I was within my rights.”

    Police have filed no charges against Budde in the incident. But the aftermath has left the man somewhat unnerved.

    “I’m alright. I’m still a little nervous. Nobody wants to be put in that type of situation,” Budde said.

    – Erin Moody and Mia Light


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    these criminals will learn sooner or l8r that the person you pick to rob that night might have a handgun and know how to use it. i think the victim should have aimed a little higher and ended it for this scumbag.
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    The only mistake this guy made was not killing the thug. Shot him in the foot? I hope he was a bad shot and didn't do that deliberately.
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    I would have shot him in the head forget the foot I hope he was just a bad shot!!!
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    Ooooh, that was a bad thing to do. What happens when the BG gets out of jail or did/will he even go to jail? It said the hospital treated him and released him. Now Budde has NO idea what he will find every time he leaves his home and returns. Will the windows be broken out? Will it be burned to the ground? You KNOW the BadGuy is going to get revenge for Budde shooting him in the foot. That will be all the BG can think about, how to get back at the GoodGuy.

    I would NOT want to be in Budde's shoes, always worrying if the BG is going to be waiting somewhere to cause him or his property harm.

    The BG should be in the ground, but that didn't happen. I hope it stops there for the Budde family.

    The Budde family has to walk around the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, waiting for the BG to do ... who knows what.

    It would have been worse for Budde, but one between the BG's eyes would have been better for society.

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    I can understand how Budde feels - 25 years of military training taught me that you don't leave your enemy alive to attack you again another day. However, every life I took is a burden to me.
    This is one case I just can't armchair quarterback on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVbowhunter View Post
    I can understand how Budde feels - 25 years of military training taught me that you don't leave your enemy alive to attack you again another day. However, every life I took is a burden to me.
    This is one case I just can't armchair quarterback on...
    its good to see reason come out of chaos.
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    yeah maybe the criminal will get out and use a gun instead of a pipe now that budds thought him a lesson.

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    I forwarded this story to my father who lives in Philadelphia. He's a big whiner who thinks we should be limited to single shot rifles.

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