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    Livin' and shooting from Montgomery County!

  3. Blair County Here!

    Live outside Altoona. Shoot at Hollidaysburg and at 3-valleys in Claysburg. Not as much as I would like to... Too dang cold in the winter.
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    Wilson Protector

  4. SW PA here ... south of Pittsburgh

  5. HI from Altoona

    Hi P95Carry! I live in Altoona and I am also a member of Hollidaysburg Sportsmens Club

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    Carbon County, though I fear that if the Obama Administration has its way with their agenda and "political correctness," I will be living in "Greenhouse Gas County"! ARRGH!

    I buy and shoot in Bucks County.

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    Hey all,
    I am located in the City of Fools in the State of Confusion. They call it Pittsburgh, Pa. on a map. Anyone know of the status of the Greater Pittsburgh Gun Club? Aside from it being closed. I read somewhere that someone was interested in buying it.

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    Lawrence county here....Hi ALL


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    Armstrong County, Pa
    Armstrong County, Pa Here

    An OC Activist and 1 of the 3%
    Ed Stephan
    "Trust No Man Living with Power to Endanger the Public Liberty." - John Adams
    A man WITH a gun is a CITIZEN, A man WITHOUT gun is a SUBJECT

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    Somewhere in Western Pennsylvania
    Checking in SW Westmoreland County.

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    Allegheny county

    New today from allegheny county. Glad to be aboard.

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