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Thread: Do christians have a right to self defense?

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    When I saw the poster of obama with the words " I am your new God" , I wanted to throw up. I realize this is satire,but it still had the same effect. When we all stand before God on judgement day,I think obama will be in for a shock. What say you? And yes,we as Christians do have a right to defend ourselves and our families. And an obligation to render aid to those in distress.
    I would like to be there when he meets God face to face. not for bad reasons. I just really want to know how he feels when he finds out that he is held accountable for his actions. taking away peoples' freedom to choose is of the devil.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    I like the way this man explains Christian defense: About Christian Gun Owner I believe this is one of the finest site's on the web, and I always check here for reviews of firearms.

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    Count me in.
    In America today, it's considered worse to judge evil than to do evil. Never let these Christophobic Liberal Progressive Purveyors of Infanticide & Homosexual Perversion who always manipulate truth to be hate speech set the terms in a debate.

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