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This really pisses me off. I'm not a veteran but I believe you deserve everything. If I had my way you would be set up for life. Lifetime health benefits is the least our government should do. You and your families deserve so much for the sacrifices made on our behalf. My son served in Afganistan so I have an idea of what servicemen and their families go through. It's a sad thing to think our government would even consider this manuver. Health benefits should be a given. I will be writing my reps. on your behalf.
God bless you from one American who's proud of our military. The Best on the planet.
Thank you very much! We don't ask that we are set up for life after 20, 30 or 40 years. We do expect our government to do what they promised.

Obama and this Congress is a real sham! They must be stopped, before they destroy this great country!