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It's interesting to me how I'm becoming, not exactly lawless, but given to scorn more and more rules and regulations from the "government". Recently, for example, I was informed by the better half that I was speeding down the interstate, as is my usual wont (maybe 10 mph over). "Who cares?" "You'll get a ticket". "Big Deal." This is cutting off your nose to spite your face, I guess, but enough is enough. It's all designed to make you FEAR, and I'm not going to live that way.

I fill out forms for the government now, I don't think twice about lying. There is no good that can come from "them" collecting all this information on us. BTW, those of us with carry permits are going to be the first ones whose homes are visited when "they" come for the guns, aren't we? Because, of course, we're in THE DATABASE.