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Thread: Obama Admin. Lies Again busted by ABC NEWS!

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    Even if these numbers were true I don't think I'd brag about them. You are telling me you could not find a way to create 39 jobs without spending 10.6 million! So if we figure each of those jobs pay, say, $50,000 a year you could pay there salaries for 5 and half years with 10.6 million.
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    It may be my tin hat, but this sounds like a distraction from other more ominous things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    tight, like when I am in my happy place with my hands tightly around his neck, holding his head under water...

    better than water-boarding...

    You know I mean no offense, brother...still LMAO...It was just, like, right there, ready to hit out of the park!

    Actually, it's the first time I've used Obama's name and ended up laughing (stead of cussin').

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