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    is open carry legal in Louisiana? Or isn't this one of those really fuzzy states where they can't get a straight answer? This seems to have been a topic on the PDO site and I don't remember a conclusive answer.

    That aside, it is terribly disappointing that a senior law enforcement official of a city currently facing litigation on the subject is still making comments like these. I hope the attorneys are paying attention since it seems to represent the attitiude of the city administration even after the event. I don't see any remorse or even critical thinking in evidence here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sailor View Post
    In my post above, I showed a reluctance to believe that the existing laws to prevent the type of lawlessness by "law enforcement" as exhibited in New Orleans, would solve the problem for the future. From the book, page 190 "In a local radio interview on June 2, 2006, after Governor Kathleen Blanco signed the Louisiana statute into law, NOPD Superintendent Warren Riley was asked his opinion of the new law, and what would happen in New Orleans in the event of another disaster of the proportions of Katrina? Riley thought briefly and then answered:'During circumstances like that, we cannot allow people to walk the streets carrying guns. As law enforcement officers, we will confiscate the weapon if the person is walking down the steet, and they may be arrested'". So --- the law means absolutely nothing to the superintendent of law enforcement - surprise! Looks like we are literally on our own. So what do we do in a situation where the criminals have been joined by "law enforcement?
    Like many other situations, it seems to be based on convenience.

    They're essentially giving us the message: "We'll uphold this law until it's inconvenient for us to do so, and the situation gets to be one where the reason why the law was passed in the first place becomes clear. It's only easy for us to protect people's rights during peacetime."

    We don't have the Bill of Rights because we need it when the going is easy; we have it for when there's no "logical" or "common sense" way to justify us having those rights. That's the whole idea of the rule of law - the law, which should be made during the best of times, is beholden to no one, and stands up for us in the times when everyone would, in a knee-jerk reaction, give up those rights.

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