From one of my blogs:

You look at countries such as Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and Nigeria and you have to wander what happened to the common sense of the people.

I read the newspapers, watch television and think. My thoughts go round and round and I can not get them past the news I see and read about.

We have Governments, religious and civic leaders telling people how to think and what to do. We have people turning to public and religious institutions seeking answers and assurance that someone knows solutions to problems that are unsolvable as long as no one will listen and believe the answers that are available.

We have countries that on first appearances should be an example of Utopia, yet their people are slaves in everything but name.

We have countries that have the potential to be shining examples to their neighbors, yet their leaders rant and rave to divert the public attention away from the shortcomings of the government.

The people are so desperate for assurance that they are willing to believe anything. They accept statements that from the outside are so ludicrous they make you wander how anyone would accept them.

When the U.N. was first formed, there was hope that humanity would learn to solve its problems without exterminating itself. Yet doing most of its life corruption has been its major accomplishment.