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    the "counting of the people" enumeration permitted by the i have no problem answering that question...but all those other questions...nope.

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    Hey y'all: As I stated in my original comments, I absolutely and positively do not trust my federal government in any way, shape, or form and outside of known mailings from them (social security, medicare, IRS) I will not offer any assistance on anything else that is eminating from this fascist, one party, brownshirt regime in Washington. Whether I decide that the $100 max fine is worth my opinion--I'll see--have not received the form yet and have yet to see what the next fiasco these nazi thugs have in mind. I will not be a party to a systematic process that reduces me to the "sheep" that this forum describes in threads. I have read and studied what happened in Germany in the 1930s and I have a personal interest in the events that took place there. To hell with this president, to hell with the democrats, and to hell with the republicans who stood by and literally did nothing. They all should have got up with Joe Wilson of SC and yelled "you lie" and walked out of congress. The 2010 election better illustrate some resolve of the american people or this country is doomed to economic and societal chaos.

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