Montana members: Fire tester and baucus
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Thread: Montana members: Fire tester and baucus

  1. Montana members: Fire tester and baucus

    I know that Baucus is in office until 2014 and that is a long way off, but I sure hope Montana members and their families will vote Tester and Baucus out of office. These clowns have supported Obama's tax and spend programs and Baucus was the "step & fetch" for the health care monstrosity. Both are counting on the fact that voters will have short memories and that they will be able to convince Montana voters that they have their best interests at heart. I didn't vote for either of these folks and sure hope that they will be shown the door when running for re-election.

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    If you're a "fan" of Baucus, check out Youtube and see him on the floor of the Senate Dec 18 giving a long rambling defense of Health Care while he was drunk as a skunk and three sheets to the wind. Must make his State REAL proud. A link is on the Drudge Report now.
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