Rights and Responsibilities
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Thread: Rights and Responsibilities

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    Rights and Responsibilities

    We've had quite the discussion about the guy (open carry forum, if you missed it) who open carried an orange AK pistol in a municipal park in Tennessee. Everyone basically agreed he had the right to do what he did, but many (most?) did not believe he was exhibiting any kind of good sense. This leads me to ask:

    Along with our RKBA, surely we have some responsibilities. What might they be, in your opinion?

    I'll start: I believe that we have the responsibility to be trained in the use of our firearm and that we must continue to train as long as we carry. Not to do so, IMHO, puts us, our loved ones, LEO, and the public at risk.

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    Yes anyone that is going to carry a firearm should get at least the basic training and the prudent thing to do would be to get as much training as possible. The more one trains the better he will be.
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    I think we all have a responsibility to be fully aware of what that risk actually is, and to make sure that common sense comes into play with the physical aspects of the training. Knowing when is just as important as knowing how.

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    Training, more training, Practice, Training, oh did I say anything about training..

    It is our right to carry, BUT we have to be safe, smart and safe. When the house if full of grandkids, I lock everything down. Everything in the gun safe (except my carry sidearm) has a master brand trigger lock on it all of the time until its hunting time or range time.. I can put the Berretta back on after everybody leaves. Practice good old fashioned common sense...
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    We have a responsibility - to ourselves, our loved ones and the community - to be level-headed, even-tempered, rational-thinking beings who don't get sucked into road rage situations (for example) and recognize the enormous responsibility that comes with the power to end someone's life hanging from your hip!

    We have a responsibility to recognize that we are not supplemental law enforcement agents, but people who carry the wherewithal to mount a defense of the lives of ourselves, our loved ones or another who's life is in immediate peril. That's all.

    I'm sure there's more...you guys will come up with them.
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    Many, many years ago, in 1984, I obtained my Maryland Driver's License. The "driving test", as I recall it, involving me negotiating a three point turn, parallel parking between cones, coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, probably a few other tests of my "vast skills" as a 17 year old driver, in a vehicle on a closed driving range where I never exceeded 15 MPH.

    With License in hand, I was then free to drive at speeds upwards of 55 MPH with other vehicles mere feet away from me in the next lane of traffic on our nations highways and byways. As I think about that factlet, it truly horrifies me. There's little reason behind why so few seemingly give a rip that 40K people a year die on our highways.

    As I compare and contrast firearms and cars, rights and responsibilities, I have to fall back on a shrug as to why anyone gives a flying rip about improving responsible use of firearms. We as a nation so cavalierly proceed along in our cars, cell phone affixed to one ear, latte between thighs, left knee bumped up against the steering wheel, cheeseburger in mouth, and either lip gloss or electric razor in hand, eyes wandering between the newspaper and the laptop periodically glancing at the road before them.

    We practically invite death on the roadways without any regard for the responsibilities we face as drivers.
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  8. Apples to oranges. A driving license is a privilege given. My owning and carrying a gun is a right. Not a granted privilege but a right.

    The same as the right to Live. To breath. To come and go as I please. To be free from harassment (Illegal search or seizure.) Though these rights are self evident to most of us, they constantly are assailed by those who believe I am not capable of maintaining my own person.

    The responsibility you are talking about is to not wave my gun around or shoot randomly into the night. You know what I mean. Carrying an orange gun of any kind is my prerogative. Should I want to ad lights and bells, that too is my prerogative.

    I open carry a stainless steel 1911, round chambered, Cocked and locked. Should I paint it black? Perhaps I should not carry it with a round chambered and cocked and locked. Perhaps it should be in a holster with 13 locking mechanisms. Perhaps a trigger lock should be de rigueur. Maybe I should just leave it at home. Perhaps home isn't a good place. How about storing it at the police station. Why even bother having one.


    I'm done.
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    Those who support the Second Amendment [and all the others] should keep in mind how what they do will effect laws, restrictions and rights.

    It may be legal to carry an AK 47, openly down main street. But that does not mean it is a wise political act.

    THEY don't know it is legal and so they aren't bothered by it. But when they see it they will call the cops. And when the cops tell them it is legal the next thing they will do is call their state legislator, city councilman and the newspapers.

    That may get the law changed.

    And all because a few pro-gun activists demonstrated.
    The people think the Second Amendment protects their rights;
    Government sees an obstacle to be over-come.
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    I'm going to keep to the theme of the thread... I have read the other post that JJ has mentioned here in this post and I have posted my 2 cents there with regards to the incident described.

    We have the right to protect ourselves from any assault by another citizen who intends us great bodily harm or death. It’s part of the Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Right. They are interrelated as I see it.

    We have the right to keep and bear arms and to use them for the right mentioned above.

    We have the responsibility to make sure that if we need to use the weapon for our defense we do so with precision (most all have posted to that effect TRAIN, TRAIN, and TRAIN…Take the train when going to train for God's sake! Make sure we don’t infringe on the rights of another innocent citizen by causing them great bodily harm or death by mistake in defense of our own. I would never want that emotional baggage.

    We have the right to our own opinions regarding other gun owners and how they behave.
    Some behavior is dangerous, foolish, and annoying.
    We have the responsibility to be conscious that the other gun owners opinions may differ from ours regarding their behavior. That is true freedom folks. Our founding fathers would agree.

    We have the right to fight for the rights we have any way we see fit. Some will fight more than others and in ways that will make some of us cringe… It is freedom any way we slice it.

    We have the responsibility to be good ambassadors and represent our fellow gun owners in ways that would foster a good image and perhaps even make a good impression. Portray the group as rational thinkers and responsible law abiding citizens. This statement is based on a sense of self pride and will differ from person to person. What makes me feel proud may not fit for others. My idea of rational thought will differ from others. Again this is true freedom.

    I liked the picture of Charlton Heston with the quote “I’m the NRA”. He looked the part of the responsible American gun owner. That was an image though, and pictures don’t tell the entire story. Actions are the dialogue…

    We have the responsibility to follow the laws no matter how vehemently we may disagree with them. We also have the right to work hard to change the laws. We are part of that system…

    As always, comments and feedback are welcome. That’s the idea in this forum…

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  11. I think that the right to carry a firearm brings a whole host of responsibilities. I believe people who carry firearms should be willing to accept responsibility, willing to apologize if they offend, and willing to train with both their mind and their firearm. It is important to anticipate possible defensive scenarios and then ask ourself, "what would a majority of reasonable armed people do in this situation"?. I think that people who carry a firearm are representatives of the God-given right to self-defense and as such, are on duty 24 hours a day. People who carry firearms should always seek to improve knowledge and skills, as opposed to meeting the minimum requirements for carry.

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