The headline says, "He did it", but it should say, "We did it!" Together we made history. The thrill of Election Night, and the energy that I encountered on the campaign trail continues.

It has been non-stop since I arrived here in Washington DC last month. I have my work cut out for me as I was just this week appointed to the Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Veterans' Affairs Committees.

I am eager to be working on these committees, but I have not forgotten I will need help in the coming 2012 reelection. Because I won office in a Special Election, I will face re-election in less than three short years. I don't have the luxury of a six year term like most newly-elected Senators!

That, coupled with the fact that I will be the #1 target of both the one-party political machine in Massachusetts and liberals all over this country, means we must lay the groundwork now for a winning re-election campaign.

Will you please help build my campaign fund by donating at my website: Click Here

We may have shocked the Democrats this time, but next time they will be prepared. They know what they're up against now: A nationwide coalition of reformers committed to commonsense leadership in the United States Senate.

Will you please help build my campaign fund by donating whatever amount you can contribute at this time. Whatever you can give, whether it's $25, $50, $100 or more will be a big help. To contribute online please, Click Here.

Thank you again for everything!

Scott Brown