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    OK, I am new to this forum, here is some of my history just to enlighten those who read my post.

    First, I am a firm supporter of 2A.

    I grew up in the Midwest, bird hunting, deer hunting, and fishing. Gun safety and proper use of guns was passed down to me from smart-minded family members. When I was in my early teens I took the mandatory gun safety class to obtain my small game license. For 6 years I enjoyed my time hunting each fall, it is still some of my most cherished memories. I turned 18, got out of High School, joined the US Navy, 20 years later sold all my weapons cause I had not used them in that time.

    Fast-forward to 2009 ......

    6 mos. ago I received Concealed Pistol Permit, then bought a Beretta PX4 Storm .40 S&W and a Ruger MK III 22/45.

    I use the Ruger at the local gun-range to practice .. .. .. I find practicing with the little .22 hones my skills with the .40 S&W. I feel very confident handling the .40 S&W and carry it as often as possible. I am enrolled to take a Gun Handling & Use of Deadly Force 101 Class here in the next month. I am a new subscriber to "Gun Week" and will be sending donations to the 2nd Amendment Foundation.

    NOW ! here is the meat of this post .......

    After reading as much data/information as I can on 2A and the use of deadly force and seeing how much the country has changed in the last 30-years. i.e. criminals appear to have the right or some Lawyer has the right to "F&@K me" if I shoot one either trying to rob me (at home) or hurt me on the street. I do not agree with a system that might put me in jail if I take someones life that was committing an act of violence towards me, my woman, my kids, my friends, or my home. With all this being said, I am thinking of selling my pistol as I see it as too much of a risk to own, guys keep in mind I will continue to support 2A through donations and such if I do sell it. Part of my issues are this, I just turned 50 and my woman and I are looking at an early retirement when we reach 53 or 54 years old, I've worked hard all my life to get there, if I could wave a magic wand (((*))) it would be to live out a peaceful retirement.

    Hence, questions to you all .....

    Am I just miss-informed regarding laws ?
    Is it to much of a risk to carry ?
    Is it better to hope for the best in a bad situation ?

    Bottom line, at this point I choose to carry and defend myself and loved ones if I perceive a Threat to Life.

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    first - welcome to the site from Floriduh..

    To start with.. Your questions would be easier to answer if you stated where you lived..
    Also just a general statement.. It is better to be sued / prosecuted than for you or your family to be dead.

    To your questions..
    1) Am I just miss-informed regarding laws ?
    2) Is it to much of a risk to carry ?
    3) Is it better to hope for the best in a bad situation ?

    1) Laws vary from state to state. If you live in Ill. or Wisc or in the much of the North East of Cali, the the laws suck and you may not be mis-informed about the laws.. Otherwise, maybe not, but it varies from state to state.

    2) It varies from State to State - refer to statement about dead vs sued.

    3) Hope is a great thing, and you should always keep that hope.. but preparation is a great thing too.. What if the Best does not happen??? As Reagan said.. Trust but verify.. I say to you Hope, but be prepared..

    You stated that you are planning on retiring soon..
    Assuming you are in a non-2A friendly state and you don't want to take the risk of carrying, here is my suggestion.. Don't sell your guns.. Go shooting from time to time to stay proficient... when you retire.. Move the hell out of the sucky place you live and move to a more gun friendly state like Floriduh..
    find a state that has a strong Castle Doctrine law that the courts have proved to uphold...
    Then Pull your guns out of moth balls and keep your family secured...

    Good luck and welcome to the site.. If you list your state, others from your state will be able to help you more and you should learn more in your 101 class..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    how much you want for the ruger mk3?

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    I live in the Pacific NW .. .. .. Washington State !

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    how much you want for the ruger mk3?

    I paid $310 for it and you can have it for $380, here's why:

    The Ruger .22's are bought with known problems that can be fixed.

    1. It needs to be broken-in with at least 500 rounds put through it before they operate smoothly, which I have done.
    2. The factory extractors are made of cheap stamped steel and cause stove pipe jams and need to be replaced with a ten-dollar Volquartsen after market extractor, which I have done.
    3. The blade from the factory LCI needs to be removed from the pistol as it causes loading jams, which I have done.
    4. I put a $40 Hi-vis light tube front sight on it.

    Now, I can fire a ten-round clip as fast as I can pull the trigger with no problems whatsoever, it's a great pistol for practicing form and cheap to shoot, plus it's a great tool to pluck Birds on the trail.

    What say yee ?

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    I wonder how much a retailer will give ya for it? Go check that out and get back to me.

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