I like Guns Song.
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Thread: I like Guns Song.

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    I like Guns Song.

    This Aussie know what we like...

    I like Guns Song

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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    This Aussie know what we like...

    I like Guns Song
    Great song. I will share it with DH and my two grown sons. They will really get a kick out of it. Thanks for telling us about it, Hootmon.
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    LOL,,posted it on my facebook for all to see ,,,love it
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    awesome song! thanks for posting
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    I saw this the other day and I almost posted it to my facebook. It is a great song and a cool video, but the second time I watched it I noticed he can't keep his finger off the trigger in the opening shots of the video when he is not pointing at targets. Sorry I guess I work with kids so much that the 4 rules of gun safety are drilled into me. When I see a finger on the trigger of a firearm that is not being aimed at a target it bugs me. I see it all the time in the movies, but thought a pro gunner like this would have done a better job. too bad. Still a great song!!
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