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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptAmerica View Post
    ok, I know what gives me the right to free speech, and the right to own and carry a firearm. And I agree with you there. I guess I don't understand why you say we have a RIGHT to drive. What gives us that right?

    Well, YOU tell ME, why is it a priviledge? Why can I drive a horse-and-wagon with no problem, but I need their ID card in order to operate a motor vehicle? If I demonstrate to the DMV that I can operate a vehicle safely, why do I still need to provide my photo, my address, my Social Security Number, and comply with the rules they have made?

    I have also wondered why I need a MARRIAGE LICENSE? What the hell for? Why do I need the governments permission to be married? Ask yourself this, who does the "marrying"? God or the state? If a man or woman live together for 20 years, are they married? If on the 21st year they go to the courthouse and pay a fee and get a paper, are they MORE married than they were yesterday? How does God fell about that? Suppose one of them dies. When they get to heaven, is God going to punish them because they did not get the governments permission and pay a fee to live together? What about people in the frontier hundreds of years ago when they did not have courts and civil authorities. Back when you just grabbed a woman and made an agreement between yourselves to be "married". Were they married or not?

    Not meaning to hijack the thread, but the similarities are exactly the same.
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    Two main reasons to make everyone have a drivers license or any other license. One is of course another means to tax you. The other is to be able to exercise control over you.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    Two main reasons to make everyone have a drivers license or any other license. One is of course another means to tax you. The other is to be able to exercise control over you.
    Absolutely 100% agree. And as another way of keeping track of everyone. What's the first thing most of us do when we move? Update the address on all of our licenses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    My creator gave me freedom of movement from one place to another. The automobile is just a handy piece of technology that makes that better. My creator also gave me the right to self defense - and the firearm is just that technological extension. All our rights - and there are many more than those listed in the bill of rights - come from our creator. Many of the founding fathers did not want to include the bill of rights in the constitution because they worried that if some rights were listed then it would be interpreted that those are the only ones we have. That's pretty much what occurred even though they tried to guard against that in the 9th and 10th amendments. You have fallen victim to that same thinking. You probably believe the 2nd amendment gives you the right to arms but it just says the right (which pre-existed the constitution) shall not be infringed. You have the right to bear arms because your creator gave you the intelligence to make and use tools - and didn't limit you to your teeth and finger nails - unlike most of the animal kingdom.
    +100 for you Avid. All the rights are preexisting and come from our Creator! (again, atheists, just go with this because it will serve you well) They were enumerated in the Constitution so that they would not be "infringed" on by man. As such those rights are just about all we need as long as you can rationally expand them into everyday situations.
    I have a right to my life which was a gift given to me from the "Creator" As such I not only have a right to protect my life it is my duty and obligation to protect it and not take it for granted.The right to bear arms comes from that right and obligation.The firearm is probably the most efficient and expedient way to do that. Therefore "the right to bear arms shall not be infringed!
    Things have just been eroded a little at a time and now we are seeing that process at much a faster pace. People are starting to realize this.
    Life Liberty and Happiness (was supposed to be property) can be all the right you need because it can be expanded into our everyday life to protect our freedom.
    There have been infringements for various reasons as mentioned on this thread. Just how many "infringements are willing to tolerate.
    " A right not exercised is a right lost."
    Hope I made some sense. It's easier to get my thoughts across verbally.
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