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  • I use my voice and my vote, never violence

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  • I would shoot back if I had to, but I pray I wont need to

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  • If they try to take my guns or my freedom I have no problem shooting

    19 23.75%
  • I know it's coming so I am stocking up on ammo and training for the day they try to take my guns!!

    16 20.00%
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Thread: How far are we willing to go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    They still don't understand what "shall not infringe" means. Anyway, I haven't heard anything about them ever getting their guns back. I don't think martial law was declared either.
    i dont think it was either. i believe it was more of a state of emergency type deal. i have a friend in law enforcement and he told me he was disgusted with the whole issue down there. he told me of how many police officers kept a lot of the weapons that were taken. im not sure what kind of action is or could be taken against them for doing so though, if any.
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    JSDinTexas Guest

    In Defense of the Constitution

    I will allow my elected representatives defend the Constitution, when they fail to do so, I will defend it.

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    Thank you jsdinTexas: You said it all in a sweet short post. The defense of the Constitution, in today's trampling of its intent by the loose lug nut in the whitehouse and his cronies, now covers the Constitution in its entirety and not just #2 of the Bill of Rights. At every turn, we watch as the loose lug nut uses executive orders to bypass Congress and the Supreme Court without a whimper from either branch. His State of the Union speech, when he basically "dissed" the Supreme Court, was the height of self-engrandisement and lack of civility (which he supposedly preaches but does not follow himself) and I had only wished those justices got up and turned their backs on him and walked out. We are not done with this guy for 3 more years and, like you, I refuse to have my constitutional rights ignored. Come to my house with loose lug nut crap and you will have a problem with me.

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