At least one NJ Assemblyman cares
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Thread: At least one NJ Assemblyman cares

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    At least one NJ Assemblyman cares

    I recently signed the petition on Change.Org to introduce pro 2A laws in NJ (slim chance, I know).

    I received the following email from the bills' sponsor - any words of wisdom or suggestion i can forward along?

    Recently, I received hundreds of e-mails from across the state in support of my proposal to permit concealed carry here in New Jersey. New Jersey, alas, enjoys a well-deserved reputation for featuring the most draconian anti-freedom laws in the entire nation.

    Obviously, given this outpouring of support, you are among the few, like me, who haven’t – yet – given up on NJ and relocated to more freedom friendly states.

    I believe that the time has come to start pushing back. Instead of fighting a losing battle to prevent further erosions of freedom, we must reverse the tide and move NJ back in the direction of advancing, not constricting, freedom.

    First, note that the Bill number of concealed carry has changed. With the new legislative session, the number is A-1384. I have also reintroduced A-1398, which would replace NJ’s cumbersome and lengthy background check processes with NCIS.

    But these are not sufficient. I believe we need to ensure not only the freedom triumphs in NJ, but we need to make it clear that it cannot properly be denied by transient legislative majorities. Therefore, I anticipate introducing, in the not too distant future, two bills. One will be a constitutional amended to add firearms freedoms to the NJ constitution. The other will be a comprehensive proposal to revise NJ’s firearm laws, including repeal of the foolish “assault” weapons ban, repeal of the one-gun-a-month silliness, reform of the law respecting transporting firearms, etc. I anticipate including a castle doctrine as well as a “no-retreat” proposal.

    And it is here that I would welcome your input. While the Bill is already in the drafting stages, I wonder: do you have a particular proposal for necessary reform? If so, it may be possible for me to include that proposal into the comprehensive bill.

    I would very much welcome your thoughts about how to reestablish, preserve, and extend these basic human freedoms.

    Michael Patrick Carroll
    Assemblyman, NJ-25

  3. I used to live in Bayville (across the bay for Seaside) and after reading this I have reached the following conclusion: I think the person you wrote, the supposed representative, is in fact, an alien. It is not possible that an elected official in your state actually believes in the 2nd A. I firmly believe you are dealing with a body snatcher. I suggest you find out the location he beamed down from and then inform his fellow aliens the exact latitude and longitude of the Trenton State house and have them invade the bodies of any legislators present. In this case aliens would be preferable to the strange life forms currently present in the capital.

    whoever this guy is, work with him and get some support stirred up for him. He is an endangered species in N.J.!

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    Sounds to me like a "knight in shining white armor" for you guys in NJ. I would run myself ragged drumming up support for that guy.

    He is already suggesting just sweeping legislation for NJ, so I think any more additions to changing the laws would be too much, if it's not already.

    A little at a time, a little at a time.....

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