This speech is for today, but it's from the 60's
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Thread: This speech is for today, but it's from the 60's

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    This speech is for today, but it's from the 60's

    A friend of mine posted this on another forum.. I thought some of you would enjoy it here..

    Check out Reagan giving a speech in 1964 ... It's chilling as hell because he's describing and warning us about both political parties, and the Bush II and the Obama Presidency.. It's about their rabid contempt for our Constitution and our freedoms, their government policies towards overwhelming control, power, and running our lives, Social Security/welfare, their highly dishonest monetary and economic policies, and what they're trying to do right now regarding health care..
    The man is speaking directly to us and warning us from the's mind blowing

    (P.S. ignore the Ron Paul reference in the You Tube header; there's no appearance or mention of him anyplace).

    YouTube - Ronald Reagan Speech

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    Wow. You have to wonder what he'd be saying about where we are today!

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    i remember while i was in the army in the '80's, the goverment was broke and Pres. Reagan held all military pay for 30 days and did this twice and drew the intrest off the military pay to make the goverment debt! it was hard on us back then but we survived and didn't have to increase taxes! hard as it was i sure wish we had Ronnie back!

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    As he said: "America is the last stand for freedom on earth"

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    If you want a flashback from the '60s, listen to the words of "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield. With minor modification, it could be the theme song for the Tea Party. It appears we're coming full-circle. Interesting.

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