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Thread: Adopt a different state's NRA org

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    Adopt a different state's NRA org

    For those of you who like to donate a little extra to your state level NRA affiliated organization, here’s an idea that might be more effective if we’ll all work together:

    Let’s say two gun owners are members of their state level organization. In addition to that, each of these folks is about to donate an extra $400 to help fight all the recent state level anti-gun action. Wouldn’t it be better for each to spend the money to become a life member of the other’s organization? That way the same amount of money gets donated, but the membership roles go up. In fact if everyone did this, the membership numbers would double. Those membership numbers can influence legislators.

    In short, if you can find a way to swing it after joining your own state org, adopt a state other than your own. Become a life member of their state level NRA affiliate.

    Yes becoming a life member might hurt a little, but you only have to spend the money once. Sign up for the digital versions of your adopted state’s affiliate newsletter. You could also let them know they shouldn’t bother asking you for more money because you are focused on your own state.

    I’m a life member of these state organizations as well as multiple national orgs:

    Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association
    Florida Sport Shooting Association
    Illinois State Rifle Association

    What do you folks think of this idea?

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    I should have posted the link that shows all the state-level NRA affiliates. Here it is:

    State Associations

    I just joined the California Rifle and Pistol Association as a life member. They are having all sorts of problems in that state and some of there ideas are starting to take hold here in WA (an assault weapons ban was just bruoght up again in our state senate).

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    And yes I know the difference between "there" and "their"....Sorry

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