Health Care is NOT dead in DC!
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Thread: Health Care is NOT dead in DC!

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    Health Care is NOT dead in DC!

    Health care is alive in DC-POTUS told us last night!

    Leaders in DC are looking @ using the reconciliation Budget process in the Senate to clean up the Senate-Christmas Eve HEALTH CARE bill. If they can pass this reconciliation "fix" bill, it would amend the Senate bill to the point that the Speaker would be able to convince 218 of her members to vote for the original Senate Christmas Eve bill with the new clean-up changes. This could happen quickly. This reconciliation process doesn't take 60 votes in the Senate but rather only 50 (VP Biden breaks a 50/50 tie in the Senate.)
    Watch the video on HC in the Senate....YIKES!!
    YouTube - Health Care debate in the Senate under reconciliation
    PLS. go to & send a GRADE to any member of Congress & follow that up with a letter telling House & Senate members not to pass HC using this process. GRADEGOV was the only way Congress heard from you during Christmas when all of the phones & faxes were jammed. Remember your voice matters!

    Stay tuned,
    Grade Gov | They work for YOU. Remind them.
    Conservative Wife & Mom -- I'm a Conservative Christian-American with dual citizenship...the Kingdom of God is my 1st home and the U.S.A. is my 2nd.

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    Thank You, Ma'm for the link...
    Will do
    Semper Fi

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    I didn't figure it was gonna die as the Muslim-in-Chief has made it his signature issue. Anybody surprised? The M-I-C is a hardcore leftist (unlike Bill Clinton) who definitely thinks he knows what is best for the country and how the rest of us "little people" should live.

    O'Reilly thought the MIC was gonna track to the right, like Clinton did in 1994 and I could not have disagreed more. Last nite, Obummer had the AUDACITY to suggest that the anger shown by Americans was not against him but against "Washington" (where the hell does he think he is?) and it was the same anger which put him in office. NO!!! It's the anger that wants this treasonous cretin OUT of office!

    I think, then, that the question has been asked and answered: Is the MIC a dundering political fool or is he a treacherous idealogue? Obviously, the latter.

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    I did not watch that what ever you want to call it last night. I figured it was going to be a batch of BS and from what I saw last night, It was. The Man is more dangerious to this country than anybody in a long time and I pray that we can undo what has been done. IMHO, the damage that has been done to Washington's reprutation, that has been thin ice for years, will take generations to repair.
    Semper Fi

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