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    SHTF Advice...

    The Bad Guys Are Getting Desperate... (As are Gun Ban Obama & Company)
    As A Patriot You Must Know...
    How To Hide Your Guns!:
    Hide Your Guns - Former Special Forces Officer Shares His Guerrilla Secrets For Hiding Your Guns From Criminals And Other Predators.

    The Bad Guys Are Getting Desperate...
    As A Patriot You Must Know

    How To
    Hide Your Guns!

    “Former Special Forces Officer Shares His
    Guerrilla Secrets For Hiding Your Guns
    From Criminals And Other Predators”

    DATE: 10-25-09
    Metairie, Louisiana

    I guess you could say it was truly the worst of times and Tuesday, August 30, 2005 is a date I will never forget. That date may not mean anything to you, but for those of us on the Gulf Coast we’ll never forget it since it was the day after Katrina hit. It was also the day my home just outside of New Orleans was looted by a gang of thugs taking advantage of a state of virtual lawlessness.

    In the period after Katrina hit, many homes were abandoned and the few homeowners who remained were rendered defenseless when state law enforcement descended upon our neighborhoods removing as many firearms as possible.

    “My Neighborhood Was Safe Until They Took Our Guns Away!”

    "First the cops arrived and took all their weapons, then the gangs arrived and stole everything else that wasn’t chained down."

    They said that they were confiscating every privately owned firearm so that there wouldn’t be criminals taking advantage of the crisis. Of course, like all government policies, this one was ass-backwards. They should have recruited all the military vets like myself and a few of my neighbors, armed us to the teeth, and said, “Shoot any rioters on sight”.

    But they didn’t. Instead they went door to door searching for firearms and disarming any families who had guns. My neighbors and I were prepared, or so we thought, for anything. But one of my friends up the street (a former Marine) wasn’t prepared when an arrogant local cop demanded the .45 he had holstered on his hip. The fact that he had a carry permit, was in his own home, and served his country in combat for over two decades, mattered little.
    That Cocky Young Cop Grinned At Him As He Handed His Gun Over.
    Of course, it was much worse for most other folks. First the cops arrived and took all their weapons, and then the gangs arrived and stole everything else that wasn’t chained down. Basically we were all living in a state of anxious fear. And even though I had a backup plan, I could have never planned for what happened next.

    You see, one afternoon while my wife and kids were gone (handing out food at our church), I received a knock at the door. When I opened the door a crack to see who was there, my whole world turned upside down. Suddenly the door came crashing in on me as the security chain snapped like it was plastic.
    Face To Face With Three Vicious Punks!
    I was instantly face to face with three vicious looking punks and one of them had a gun aimed at my head. The other two had baseball bats. Even with all my Special Forces training, I was caught off guard and I’m ashamed to say that after an initial scuffle, I was beaten pretty badly.

    When I finally came to my senses and got on my feet, I noticed the house was ransacked and most anything of value was gone. I was physically devastated from the attack and a fresh feeling of anguish came over me as I realized they took everything. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this could happen, especially to me. After all, just a few years ago, I was running some pretty freaky Special Forces missions.
    But it did happen. I ended up being hospitalized for a broken wrist and yet was extremely thankful my family was not at the house when all this came down. And, I had an additional reason to be thankful. It was my little secret and no one else knew...
    "As gun prices go through the roof, gun thieves have stepped up their efforts to steal any and every gun they can get their hands on."

    My Real Cache Of Guns Remained Untouched!
    As those punks left my house that day they must have been feeling that they had cleaned me out completely. But even with a broken wrist I got the last laugh. Here’s why: I had a secret cache of weapons hidden deep inside my house, where no thugs or even a sophisticated criminal would ever think to look.
    I knew that hidden safely away in my house was my real gun collection, the one worth thousands of dollars and including muzzle loaders from the War Between the States and a few guns my grandfather gave me when I was young. The truth is, even if they had known where to look, they wouldn’t have gotten them.

    I Decided Right Then And There To Tell Everyone I Could The
    True Story Of How I Kept My Guns Safe During A Very Uncertain Time.

    It’s been years since this all happened, but to tell you the truth, I have never been the same after the confrontation with those three punks. All I can say is that it spooked me forever. And it seems like this event made me alert to how ruthless criminals can be when they are desperate and searching for guns like hungry wolves.

    So as a result of my experience with the punks at the house, my military experiences and the experiences of hundreds of others I’ve heard about who had their guns stolen by criminals around the country, I’ve written a powerful new book: Hide Your Guns. In it I share the secrets of hard core gun caching I learned in my Special Forces days including:

    • Where to hide your guns so the bad guys will never find them
    • How to create a hiding place, right in plain sight!
    • The places you should never hide your guns (under any circumstances)
    • When a safe isn’t the solution

    I also explain on page 61 how to do what we used to call in the Special Forces “hardening the target”, which means making it more difficult even to get into your home.

    For example, I explain how:

    • The right home security system can protect against home invasion
    • The sticker you can put on your front door that criminals fear more than a German Shepherd baring his fangs.
    • How changing your light bulbs may protect against gun theft
    • The most important room in your house for protecting your guns (and your family)

    I also explain the truth about a ‘panic room’ and how and when it might be a good idea for you to get busy and build one. But that’s not all. I reveal the cold hard truth about buying the right kind of safe for your valuables, including:

    • When you need a safe and what kind to buy
    • Where to put your safe so they can’t get into it, even if they manage to find it
      (page 15)
    • What you absolutely must have on the bottom of the safe
    • Four questions you must ask the safe company before you buy

    If you’re like me, you’re not just worried about hiding your guns but gold coins and other valuables as well. The truth is, you should be building an emergency preparedness plan for your family or loved ones right now in the event of a terrorist attack or civil unrest. (I cover all this in the book)
    But one warning before I continue...

    If you're shocked by straight talk about the nature of the crisis facing our country, this book may not be for you. And if you're a liberal and are offended by talk about God and country, this is definitely not for you.

    However, if you fear the direction
    our country is headed and you are
    the kind of patriotic American who
    wants to take responsibility for
    your loved ones, read on...

    In Hide Your Guns, I explain exactly how you can use creative techniques to hide things, even if you’re renting your house or don’t want to do any major remodeling. For example, I teach you exactly how to:

    • Use common furniture to create the most secret hiding places that even highly skilled thieves will never suspect
    • The common household appliances you should never use as hiding places
    • Where to put your money and credit cards so they’ll never be found… but you can access them in an instant

    As the crisis facing our country grows more serious by the day, the need for a weapons or a food cache outside of our homes becomes more necessary. Whether it’s a natural disaster that forces you from your home, an epidemic, a terrorist attack or civil unrest (which almost always involves looting), some of us may one day find ourselves unable to return to our homes and in need of food, shelter, money and personal protection.

    If you’re ready to take emergency preparedness to the next level, I’ll show you the secrets known only to Special Forces types:

    • The four different types of caches you need to consider
    • How much money to put in your survival cache
    • The 29 items you need in your medical cache
    • The few things you really need in a backpack that will last you for days if you’re on the move

    And also...

    • The best material for building a simple cache that will withstand the elements
    • How to bury your cache so even the most sophisticated metal detectors can’t find it (this is really cool)
    • The two items most people forget to put in their cache
    • The secret component in your cache to protect the contents from humidity and corrosion

    Of course, you’ll need to know exactly where to put your cache of weapons, medicine and emergency supplies, and I’ll let you in on a secret... the absolutely worst place is in your back yard! I dedicate an entire chapter to choosing how to:

    • Choose a place with complete privacy
    • The landmarks you should never use (they act like a homing signal for prying eyes)
    • The exact distance you need to be from populated areas
    • Evaluate a site to determine its long-term suitability

    I also discuss how to stay below the radar. It does you no good to have the most secure cache of weapons in the world if everyone knows about them, so I broke a few rules and share some secrets I learned in Special Forces, including:

    • How to write reminders to yourself that look like nonsense to anyone else
    • The people you must avoid at all costs
    • How to prepare if you live in an urban environment

    I simply don’t have the space to list everything here, and what I’ve already told you is just a taste of what you’ll find in Hide Your Guns.

    I want you to have this so you and your family will be protected when bad times and bad people come.

    But I do give you step by step examples you can implement immediately to secure your guns, gold and other valuables. With this new-found knowledge you’ll remain one of the few armed citizens when most of the pathetic sheep are rendered defenseless.
    I have to warn you... this information is likely to send
    shockwaves through the liberal media, so be discreet about
    how you use it and who you tell about it.
    These tactical secrets would take you a full career in the military or law enforcement to acquire, but I “tell all” in Hide Your Guns. Some of this information has been briefly touched on by privacy experts and so-called survivalists, but no one has ever covered these topics in the depth I do and in the context that has been brewing since the meltdown and elections of 2008.

    In fact, the book was actually put together in late 2008 but...
    No Publisher Would Touch It!
    A few months ago, we finally found a renegade printer who offered to publish the book. The owner, by the way, is a gun owner who loved the book and insisted we get the word out immediately. So we rushed the printing to make Hide Your Guns available before the next crisis, which could easily create conditions for riots and looting.

    One more thing. I almost forgot...
    My publisher tells me many of you don’t have time to sit down and read a book from cover to cover, so I’ve recorded every word of this book as an audio book. With these CDs you can listen any time in your car or even load to an iPod. And as a special bonus, you'll receive the ebook version (PDF file) to share with you family and friends.

    I’m making the book (a $59.00) value and the audio book (a $39.00 value)
    available for only
    PLUS... you get a very special FREE bonus... that I insist you KEEP as a gift. It’s an amazing 2-part CD set with intense “hard-core” techniques for debating with liberals about guns. It’s called The Great Gun Debate: How To Argue With Liberals About Guns And Win Every Time! Next time you “get into it” with your obstinate brother-in-law or the green-freaks down at the office, you’ll win the argument hands down.

    Second Gift: I'm also going to rush you a bonus DVD: The Real Story Behind The Second Amendment. This DVD lays out the real reason the founders demanded the Second Amendment be included as the highest law of the land. It’s not well known or understood by most Americans, especially public school teachers and liberal college professors. Frankly, the real truth may shock you. This is a must have video for anyone interested in preserving the right to keep and bear arms.

    Third Gift: No B.S. Home Defense With Firearms Ebook
    We’ve also included a tightly edited 16 page Ebook about how to use firearms to protect yourself and your family. Many gun owners have no idea how to use their weapons safely if they are backed into a corner and reading this important eBook could save your life. Disclaimer: Using guns for self defense carries with it certain risks. Some of these risks are obviously life-threatening. Always find out local, state and federal laws that govern the use of deadly and non deadly force.

    • Which lethal weapons you must have in the house
    • The truth about a home-defense gun fight.
    • Absolute best shotgun for home-defense.
    • Why everyone should own a handgun?
    • How to select the best handgun.
    • Effective handgun combat firing techniques inside a house.
    • Best ways to avoid a dangerous firearms accident in the home
    • What if you have to really shoot someone? (legal issues)
    • Why almost everyone is wrong about what it takes to deter a criminal
    • Special firearms advice for the elderly and disabled
    • How to learn to think like a criminal.
    • Why you should never go looking for someone who’s broken into your house.

    Targeted As A Terrorist?
    The “Hide Your Guns” book and the bonuses are available to the public until we run out. That’s it! We decided to limit the printing to only a few thousand. There are two reasons for this. One, these techniques will not work if we sell too many copies and spill the beans en mass. Two, I really don’t want to be targeted as a terrorist for simply helping folks keep their guns and out of the hands of criminals and looters. Seriously, that means this offer (and the web page) may disappear at any time and without warning. (I guess it also means that I could disappear at any time without warning if the wrong people don’t like the information I’m providing.) Our plan is to turn the website off once our initial copies are sold just to play it safe.

    However for now, the crisis facing our country is so grave and I swore an oath to protect this country from ALL enemies, so I want you to have this so you and your family will be protected when bad times and bad people come. This book is the only one of its kind in the world, sort of like having your own private pass to Fort Knox, where your guns and valuables are safe from predators.
    Author Offers Extraordinary Guarantee!
    I’m also offering an unparalleled, NO-BS guarantee. I want you to read and reread the book and listen to the audio book as much as you like, for a full six months. Soak up all the secrets I share and put them to practice, and if after six months you’re not convinced it was the best investment in your future you’ve ever made, return the book to me for a full refund. (You can keep the gifts though as my way of saying thanks for checking out the book.)

    I don’t know what more you can ask for. Hide Your Guns will empower you to join the ranks currently occupied only by Special Forces types. And it’s knowledge you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life. I urge you to order now... before the bad guys come for your guns.

    Sincerely, Sam ‘Sharkman’ Adams

    P.S. Gun sales have been on a record pace since November of last year and as a result prices are higher than ever. With oil and food prices rising and gold at all-time highs, criminals are getting desperate and your guns are more valuable than ever. Don’t wait until it’s too late... order today! One small crisis could trigger a replay of what I experienced which will include looters and Martial Law. The gun thieves are coming! This is NOT a drill.

    P.P.S. I do have one additional request. Please do NOT post this on Facebook or any social media. I don't want this to go viral and frankly don’t want ANY additional publicity.

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

  3. Angry Bollocks!

    Yeah, the guy cares SO much about you and me that he will only tell us how to keep our guns safe if we PAY him. Some friend.

    Armatissimi e liberissimi

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    If and when they come for your guns, give them the bullets first. You don't hide your guns or give them up, you use them, that's why you have them, and the 2nd amendment.

    LIBERAL CREED..."Although they know Godís righteous decree that those who do such things are worthy of death, they not only continue to do these things, but also approve of those who practice them".

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    Isn't there some rule against SPAM on the forum?
    In the beginning, the patriot is a scarce man -- brave, hated, and scorned. But when his cause succeeds, the timid join him. For then, it costs nothing to be a patriot. -- Mark Twain

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    If and when they come for your guns, give them the bullets first. You don't hide your guns or give them up, you use them, that's why you have them, and the 2nd amendment.
    Amen brother. Can you join us at the 2A March (SAM) in DC 4-19-10?

    Armatissimi e liberissimi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea For One View Post
    Yeah, the guy cares SO much about you and me that he will only tell us how to keep our guns safe if we PAY him. Some friend.

    I will try to kill a few dissenters with this one post, starting with TFO...

    Anybody ever pay for a membership to the NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO or other Pro-Second Amendment Organization at anytime in their life?

    Most on this forum are Concealed Carry Permit Holders, whom PAID somebody for applicable training as required by their local County Sheriff...
    Many additionally, have PAID for further personal defense training at sometime in their life in someway, shape or form...
    Further, Probably 99.999% of the members of this forum have PAID for at least one Firearm Related Magazine, Book or other paraphernalia at sometime in their life; I think its a pretty safe bet to say that the authors of all these types of publications deeply & passionately care a lot about those in the Pro-Second Amendment Community, and few if any are financially able to distribute that information in an effective manner without recouping some costs...

    Being a retired 27+ year veteran of the USMC, I have received a fair amount of Government Provided Training, consistent with the training the author of this subject in question stated he had; & training that I have paid for throughout my life; While I feel confident in my ability to respond to a given SHTF moment; I personally ordered what this guy has offered up, for many reasons, not the least of which is if there is one single tangible piece of information that he provides it is worth many times the meager price he is asking, and I would dare say much less then most PAID for their CCW Class...

    Or GUNSITE Training, Marksmanship Training, Hunter Education, etc...
    All are run by individuals that care about the Tenets of the Second Amendment & Constitution; why should they not get paid something for their effort?
    In respect to this guy, he is obviously not seeking to get rich by the farthest stretch of the imagination; I would say he would be lucky to break even on his endeavor...

    Moving on to other dissenters...
    SPAM? NOT!
    As I stated I personally ordered this the same day I passed this info on to my compatriots here at USACARRY, because I feel it likely contains valuable information...
    IF it does not I will be the first to say so right here...
    In fact, my intent is to review it on this very thread...

    Lastly, I titled the thread in such a way as to encourage others with similar information to pass on for free or otherwise to feel-free to do so...

    Best Regards.

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Quote Originally Posted by RugerP345 View Post
    Isn't there some rule against SPAM on the forum?
    I should certainly hope so....
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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    I got no problem with what Bohemian posted; I don't consider it SPAM. As for paying for the info, Bo made an excellent argument to which I further add: if it was free, would that make you feel better about it?

    Hey guys, the S may hit the F big time in the future (maybe sooner than we think), so, as far as I'm concerned, anything which anyone wants to post which provides potentially useful info is fine by me. That's why I joined this forum.

  10. We all forward info on many different things we have bought ie: Guns, ammo, magazines, holsters...should i go on??? Bohemian found a product he liked enough to order. I see nothing wrong with posting this up. He is not getting anything from it cause he doesn't own it. If the author was peddling it, i would say flag it.

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    After all is said, this is a thread that deserves replies not advertisments. There are places in this forum for such material; he could have posted with a reference to other parts of the forum. This goes for many things on these forums including holsters and other gear where the poster is the vendor. More editorial control is needed before the threads become clogged with ads that pose as replies.

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