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    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence : Open Carry Guns

    For those not in the know on goings-ons in California, the Open Carry community has been getting more active. Groups have been meeting in various public establishments. As a result of a Brady Campaign bullying, the Peet's coffee chain publicly announced that it does not allow firearms in it's establishments. However, when the Brady campaign contacted Starbucks, they replied that they respect whatever the laws were in the given state. As a result of this, the Brady Campaign is stepping up it's pressure against Starbucks nationwide.

    We all need to let Starbucks know that we appreciate that they respect our rights and our state laws, and to not let the Brady bullies pressure them into changing their position.

    Contact Form | Starbucks Coffee Company
    Done! I told them thanks for supporting 2A rights and that I would continue to patronize their stores as long as they do so and that I would tell everyone I know!

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    Once again Starbucks is in the news over this Open Carry Issue.

    Starbucks: Letting customers wear guns is just business -

    Once Again, Somebody is trying to put Startbucks in the Middle.

    Semper Fi

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    It must be the McDonald v Chicago that's bringing the media out in force..
    Once again, another story about Starbuck's.

    (Beware of Pop Ups... My blocker was going nuts.)

    ABC News... Gun Owners Tout 'Open Carry' Rights - ABC News
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    Lets' try this,, A few links...
    Understanding the 'Guy With the Gun'
    ABC News
    Ed Levine said he remembers when people at his favorite restaurants used to know him as "the guy with the gun." Supreme Court to rule on Washington's hand-gun ban. It's a label that's faded, the Virginia man said, as more people like ...
    Starbucks Gun Debate Arrives In SeattleKIRO Seattle
    Starbucks: We abide states on open-carry gun lawsMarketWatch
    Summary Box: Starbucks sticks to gun policyForbes
    California Independent Voter Network -Huffington Post (blog) -The Associated Press
    all 533 news articles »
    Semper Fi

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    We can start posting these in gun free zones... maybe somebody will get the hint...

    Gun-Free Zone Shootings:

    Texas Workplace Shooting - 13 Disarmed Employees Die, 30 Wounded, at Fort Hood Victim Disarmament Zone (Military Base):

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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