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    Educate the Sheep about 2A

    Just read the post on the TN school shooter and one poster (Boomboy?) said "please, please don't let this be a CWP holder"...Also, the article on the shooting mentioned some school board members, I think, who started in immediately on the "evil guns" vs. the shooter...made me think...

    What are we doing to educate the sheep and advance the cause? Do we need to?

    Some who open carry say that they sometimes get opportunities to explain their position and further note that open carry by responsible citizens lets the sheep see that we're good guys (and gals). That's something, I guess.

    We do a lot of bitching that "a right not exercised is a right lost" and some of us like to paint our weapons bright pink or orange or whatever and parade around the town. I don't want to start that whole argument again, but IMHO such activities do not advance the cause.

    Many of us open carry in groups, it seems. Again, it's legal but I'm not sure it advances the cause given what the sheep might think about watching a group of patriots roaring down the road on their scoots with ARs and AKs strapped to their backs.

    At any rate, at least the open carriers are drawing some attention, and hopefully garner some good press.

    What are the rest of us doing to advance the cause?

    All I do is yap: explain my position if someone notices I'm carrying, contribute my viewpoint to discussions that come up amongst the sheep, write a very occasional letter to the editor.

    I have helped to train a novice or two who approached me, but have never gone out of my way to invite a non-gun owner to the range, for example.

    So, two questions: 1) Do we need to do more? and if so, 2) what can we do?

    My feeling is we have to convert more sheep to our cause. Do you agree or basically should we just ignore the stupid sheep?

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    This brings up a very good point. If the majority of us are carrying our firearms concealed, the conversation point is mute. I agree that the sheeple need to be re-educated regarding the 2A and firearms. After all, the socialist public school system is teaching kids that guns are evil. They have to be re-educated... How we do that is a very good question!!! Other than being outspoken about it or even open carrying where legal, I think it's going to be a tall order.

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    One of my favorite activities is talking to the folks (try to get the owner or manager) at any business that posts a no-guns sign. I do it on a day when I've shaved, and stay really polite. Business owners are intelligent and influential in the community so it's of value to get through to them. Some of them who post those signs haven't really thought about the matter very deeply.

    I don't just start with "I won't shop here any more" but they can figure that out as the conversation goes on. Some of them feel kind of silly when they realize their sign is about as effective in stopping crime as a "No Robbery" sign would be.

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