2nd Amendment March - April 19th
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    2nd Amendment March - April 19th

    We are looking for people IN FLORIDA wanting to travel to Washington D.C. for this march by AmTrak. This is ideal, because you need not get a hotel room and pay for an extended stay. The train would leave on the morning or afternoon of the 18th, arriving in D.C. the morning of the 19th. After the march, at around 7:00 PM, we would board the train at Union Station and return home, getting in sometime on the afternoon of the 20th.

    If we can get at least 20 people, the round-trip would cost around $180 for adults and around $160 with a senior discount. We did this for the 9/12 march and it was very successful...we had approx. 160 Florida patriots in 3 cars, with a nice social gathering both ways. I know that this would mean taking a few days off from work, but it's definitely worth the time and effort.

    Please go to Second Amendment March and go to the Florida forum. Check in at the "Transportation Help needed" thread and let Bill Odom know you're interested. we don't have a lot of time to organize this, so if there are any takers, please be prompt.
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    Couldn't they pick a better day than that of Waco and Oklahoma City?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abacab View Post
    Couldn't they pick a better day than that of Waco and Oklahoma City?
    I believe that there were a couple other days suggested..
    But with conflicts in dates the organizers settled on 04/19/2010

    I am going to guess at 4/19/1775 was the Battles of Concord and Lexington... Today in History: April 19
    Semper Fi

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    How 'bout just showing up and marching? It's a Monday, which is a lot better than our 9/12 march was - remember that "Fibbs" recalled that he didn't know of any demonstrations being held on 9/12. I could care less what the significance of the day is, it is a day when those of us who believe in the 2nd Amendment will show up in D.C. to support our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
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