NRA Has Extended Discounted Life Membership
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Thread: NRA Has Extended Discounted Life Membership

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    NRA Has Extended Discounted Life Membership

    Go here, validate your NRA insurance. When you click submit you can give someone a gift membership. After submitting that, you will get an offer to upgrade to Life for $300. If you are already a life member, you'll get an offer to upgrade to Endowment for $200. If already Endowment you can become a Patron Life Member for $275. I just became a Patron so I don't know whether the site allows you to upgrade to Benefactor.
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    I'm a patron also. About once a year they send out specials enrollment deals. I'm not sure that Benefactor will be one of them. If it does I'll jump on it! BTW, the bronze statue for the Patron members is awesome!
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    I didn't know that I could upgrade to Patron until I went to the site. Enter your info and try it. Maybe you'll get the offer for Benefactor. I also recommend that most folks go to the main NRA membership site and switch their magazine subscription to the digital version. That saves the NRA about $10 per year.

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    I'd like to add that while it's a good idea to give a gift membership to someone, you don't HAVE to make a gift in order to make use of the upgrade offer. After entering your current NRA membership info, just click submit or continue a couple of times without entering anyone as a gift recipient and you will get to the screen where you are offered an upgrade at a discount. Please consider giving a gift to someone though to get the numbers up.

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