Rethinking the Political Spectrum
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Thread: Rethinking the Political Spectrum

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    Rethinking the Political Spectrum

    In another thread discussing politicians, the Constitution, litmus tests, etc., the subject of the current political spectrum came up. It brought to mind a piece I read awhile back on American Thinker that I enjoyed and found enlightening. It made sense to me. What do you think?

    American Thinker: Rethinking the Political Spectrum
    The Founders Got It Right - Back To The Constitution
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    Interesting. Makes sense to me, too.

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    Thanks for the post. I will have to forward this to a bunch of others.
    Semper Fi

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    So when is everyone going to catch up and be Libertarians?

    However, I don't agree that the political spectrum is a linear presentation.
    IMO, on the right of US Conservatism is a Theocracy not Libertarianism.

    Politics is multidimensional.
    At a minimum, 2 dimensions define freedom: personal and economical.
    Conservatism closely aligns with Libertarianism economically but not for personal freedoms.
    Conservatism limits certain personal freedoms unlike Libertarians like Freedom of Speech for pornographers.

    To the right of Libertarianism is Anarchy or Chaos.

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