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Pretty scary stuff going on in Iowa.

Iowa Gun Bill Takes Away Your Guns, Charges You For Doing So

Iowa Gun Bill Takes Away Your Guns, Charges You For Doing So & Denies You Due Process, All In One
Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 at 7:45 pm
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We can’t even make this stuff up….

Iowa Gun Owners
Iowa - -( Members and Friends of Iowa Gun Owners, your emails and phone calls into the Capitol have been taking a toll on the anti-gunners in the Capitol as many elected officials have told us. We are writing you now to urge you to stand up for your gun rights again.

The Senate bill that we asked you to oppose last week, Senate File 2357, was brought up on the Senate floor yesterday evening with an amendment being offered. Both the bill and the amendment are overtly hostile to your gun rights.

The bill, Senate File 2357 and its Amendment, S-5126 are set to receive a vote as early as this morning!

It is vital that you act today and contact your State Senator and demand that he or she oppose this legislation.

Allow us to briefly review what this legislation would do.

If passed this bill would:

•Allow virtually anyone who knows you to apply to the court for a no-contact order – even if no physical contact has ever occurred between the two of you. As condition of this no-contact order you would be required to hand over all of your firearms and ammunition.
•Not require that you even be present at the court hearing. This bill does not even ensure that you have the right to even have legal counsel present or a chance to confront your accusers in a court of law.
•Allow an anti-gun court to decide who is qualified to take possession of your firearms should they decide to take them from you.
•Allow this same court to decide that no one is qualified to take your guns and order the sheriff’s department to seize them, and make you pay the sheriff for the right to lose your guns! Yeah, you get to pay the government $50 per gun that they seize from you!
Declare you a felon, and unable to ever own guns again, if you fail to turn over so much as a single .22 cartridge.
There is more but I am sure you get the idea.

Even as amended this bill is very dangerous. Don’t let them fool you by saying ‘all we are doing is making Iowa code mirror federal code.’ That is not true!

Even federal language, as bad as it is on this issue, provides for some standard of due process. The amended version of this bill simply states that ‘Upon the issuance of a protective order…the court shall inform the person who is the subject of such order or conviction that the person shall not possess, ship, transport, or receive a firearm…”

Just like that, you are done owning firearms. Also, there is no mention, in either the bill or the amendment, of how or if you can get your guns back. The amendment talks about the protective order being lifted but there is no requirement for the state to return your guns to you! This has the appearance of a lifetime gun ban – all because some ex-girlfriend went to the court saying that she is afraid.

It is vital that you send out the pre-written email below to your State Senator immediately as the vote could happen at any time.

In additional Gun Rights News
Iowa Gun Owners would like to call special attention to State Senator Keith Kreiman (D-47). Senator Kreiman has refused to move the REAL Right-to-Carry bill out of his sub-committee and onto the Floor for a vote all session. He is aggressively opposed to your right to keep and bear arms.

Care to guess who is sponsoring the bill we are discussing above?
That’s right – Senator Keith Kreiman. Sarah Brady of Handgun Control Inc. would certainly be proud of Senator Kreiman.

Please take a moment to send Senator Kreiman an email as well. Let him know what you think of his refusal to pass REAL Right-to-Carry as well as his support for the bill mentioned above. As the Chair of the committee holding up our carry bill and of the committee that is producing this anti-gun legislation, Senator Kreiman needs to be contacted whether or not he is your Senator.

Feel free to use the second pre-written email below for this purpose or you may compose your own. His email address is: [email protected] .

If you need assistance in figuring out who your State Senator is please click here to find out.

If you need to locate your State Senator’s email address please click here for that information.

If you would like to call your State Senator please call 515-281-3371 515-281-3371 and ask to be transferred.